Magdalen's Rose and Compass
at Herbert House
More information
about this Pub

Only in England is a Public House private, and a Public School private. Magdalen's Rose and Compass is open to every member of the public that the publican feels is properly behaved, but should the publican decide to eject you, then that's it. There is no appeal, no due process, no democracy.

The Magdalen List is overseen by three Publicans. If the Publicans feel a post violates the norms of the List, the matter will be addressed in whatever way they deem fit. The Publicans decide who is welcome here and who is not. There is no due process. This is a benevolent dictatorship, not a democracy.

The Publicans' job is to keep Magdalen a safe, valuable, and loving place, and if he believes that the best way to do that is to remove you from Magdalen, well, so be it. You can reach the management at The Publicans (in alphabetical order of last name) are Sally Davies, Georgia DuBose+, and Chad Wohlers.

Please join us also in this prayer from our founder chaplain, Tony Clavier:

Blessed Lord:
You walked the hills of Galilee with your friends. At evening you shared your stories and listened, broke bread and drank of the fruit of the vine. Be with us as we share together as brothers and sisters and in our enjoyment grant us your presence always. Amen.