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Edwards, Gail submitted April 2002, revised March 2005, revised September 2007, revised December 2008.

I live in a household of two- and four-legged family, including an affectionate golden retriever (are there any other sort of golden retriever?) and a silly, sweet calico, cat in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

My days are taken up with teaching Canadian history at a local college. I do the usual academic things – balancing teaching with writing and publishing, going to conferences, endlessly grading piles of student work …

Out of the classroom, gardening, film, theatre, music and books fill available time. I've been actively involved with the Anglican Church at the parish and diocesan level for all of my adult life, completed four years of EFM, and maintain scholarly interests in missionary history. I'm truly besotted with print, and will spend many happy hours browsing in bookstores. As a result, most available horizontal surfaces in the house are covered with stacks of more-or-less neatly-arranged books, piles of CDs and DVDs, piles of academic journals, piles of the Times Literary Supplement and the New York Review of Books and …

Egger, Jon submitted April 2002, revised December 2003, revised February 2010, revised July 2011

Hi there. I'm Jon Egger, aka "deek", "Deacon", "Jon-with-no-h", "son", "nonner", "dad", or "fajah". I was born at an early age on the hardscrabble Mesabi Iron Range of northeastern Minnesota. God has chosen to lead me down many paths in my life; most of the time while I have been kicking and screaming. As of this writing I am deacon-to-the-parish at historic Trinity Episcopal Church in Independence, MO, Diocese of West Missouri, and Convener of the Diocesan Community of Deacons for 2011 and 2012. I was ordained to the permanent diaconate on February 1, 2003, the day the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart on re-entry. Dawn Tish and I married on October 13, 2007. Dawn is a Traumatic Brain Injury Specialist and ASL interpreter. She is very proud of her Cherokee, Seminole and Sac&Fox heritage. We have four adult children in our blended family. We live with three cats (Sophie, Ebbie and Scarfie) and two Shetland Sheepdogs, Cammi and Bishop Fergus Maclaine of Loch Buie. (As a deacon it gives me great pleasure to tell a bishop to get down from the couch.) I retired from the VA after 27 years as a critical care RN because of sarcoidosis and fibromyalgia. I spend my time with ministry, writing, crossword puzzles, and my dogs. I enjoy reading (mostly US history), cemetery photography, being a friend of Bill W, and I'm a US Civil War buff. I shave my head every day and buff it so it shines with the light of ten-thousand suns. Useless skills: I can cross either eye independent of each other, put four golf balls in my mouth and close my lips, and know how to embalm a human body.


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