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Faassen, Menzo submitted December 2003

I've been lurking here for a while. Some of you may remember me from the old Anglican list. I'm in Columbia, TN and working for the State of Tennessee recruiting foster parents. I'm also working on my Masters degree in Counseling.

Fizzell, Val submitted February 2004

Ancient, Anglican & Aussie would be a fair summary. :)

Former book-keeper, nurse and CMS missionary. Currently, ESL teacher, fellowship leader and liturgist at my local Anglican church - a middle of the road church in the Diocese of Sydney. Happily married for 45 years, two adult daughters, one son-in-law and one grandson. Like reading, especially mystery stories and enjoy Church History and Theology, and study of the Gospels. Like family and friends around but not all the time!





Fleener, Judy submitted April 2002

I am very glad to be here. My name is Judy Fleener. I have subscribed to some kind of church mailing list, first on Prodigy, then Ecunet, and finally on the Internet for a very long time. I get way too much mail and try to read it all. I joined one of the predecessors to this list in about 1995. I have had marvelous experiences meeting people from the lists. I'm glad to see so many of them here.

I am a substitute teacher when I work. I did four months in Kindergarten before Christmas and ended up really tired!! I am the mother of four maturing sons in their 30s. My husband is a retired priest, who is currently working every Sunday in Kalamazoo. The rector of our Cathedral congregation is taking a six month sabbatical. He is a marvelous person and a gifted priest. The very best thing I have done in my life is marry well. I am blessed.

I have been very fortunate in my life in the church. I currently serve on the Standing Committee in the Diocese of Western Michigan. I have been a deputy to the last four General Conventions. I am a member of St Gregory's Church in Muskegon, Michigan a medium sized congregation. I am very interested in seeing baptismal ministries empowered.

My husband, Bill, AKA The Fleenerdude, was rector at St Gregory's for 22 years and nobody ever called him DUDE. I sing in the choir and teach church school there. When Bill retired, we left for 5 years, and thought we might leave for good, but like bad pennies we returned. My friends are there, as are two of my sons with their families.

Besides trying to live a life that looks like a grace filled one, I love to read and I am an avid birder. I learned that from Carol Trevathan. I am hoping she'll show up here one of these days. My greatest fault is that I blatt. I am also a diehard Cub Fan and I love you all.

Fontaine, Ann K submitted September 2003

Sunday was my last service at the Chapel of the Transfiguration in Grand Teton National Park in Jackson Hole ( My specialty is Interim Ministry - have served a variety of churches - Lutheran, Shoshone, small and large (for Wyoming). This position lasted 2 years and a summer. I will not miss commuting 160 miles over 9000+ mountain passes in the winter but will miss all those books on tape that I was able to "read." I am a trainer and mentor for EFM (yes - there are many more designs for Theological Reflection plus new editions of the Text material.) I was just elected to the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop. We (my husband, Jim and I plus 4 cats and a horse) live in Lander, Wyoming (most famous for being the headquarters of the National Outdoor Leadership School NOLS) where he is an Ophthalmologist. Just completing a term on the Board of Ring Lake Ranch - a wonderful place to do continuing ed in the Rockies. I have been ordained since 1995 (deacon) and Epiphany 1996(priest) - MDiv from Harvard Divinity School in 1995. The Oregon Coast is my "psychic" home - I grew up in Portland Oregon and was an elementary ed (4th grade) teacher in my former life. We have 3 children - all grown - 2 married and one grandson - Charles (the prince!!). My current plan is to continue EFM training, mentor the Lander EFM group and an online EFM group, go to meetings of the JNCFTEOTPB, and edit my 5 years worth of Daily Office reflections into a 2 year cycle daybook for friends.

purple lilacs

purple lilacs


Funston, Eric submitted October 2003

Full name: Charles Eric Funston
DOB: 29 September 1952
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Parents: Raymond York Funston (died 1958) and Betty Jean Sargent Funston (died 1999).
Siblings: Richard York Funston (died 1993)
Married: Evelyn Carol Walther (12 April 12 1980)
Children: Aidan Patrick Funston (11 June 1983) and Caitlin Emily Funston (4 February 1985)

My dad was an Certified Public Accountant, a partner in the firm of Conway, Moe, Hibbs and Funston. They were auditors for the hotels and casinoes. My mom was a deputy city clerk. We lived in "Huntridge" the first planned subdivision in Las Vegas -- little 750 sq. ft. 2-bedroom cracker boxes that veterans could buy for $8,000 with a $50 downpayment. My brother Rick (9-3/4 years older than me) and I shared a bedroom until he went away to a Mo. Synod Lutheran high school when he was 14.

I don't really remember much of anything before my father was killed in a single-car roll-over on March 30, 1958. Just sketchy recollections of family Christmases, vacations with grandparents, starting kindergarten, that sort of thing. But I remember that day and the week that followed it very well.

We were not a "churched" family. My dad's folks were very active Methodist Episcopal (later United Methodist) Church members, and my mother's parents were occasionally active in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Mom tried to take us to the American Baptist Church in Las Vegas, but my father would never attend. When he died and there was no reaching-out from that church, that was the end of church-going for many years.

We moved to Southern California, where my maternal grandparents had relocated from Kansas, about 18 months after my dad's death. My grandfather had been diagnosed with colon cancer and my grandmother needed some assistance. He died on March 30, 1960, the second anniversary of my father's death. We continued to live with my grandmother and my uncle (my mother's younger brother who never left home) until my mom met the guy who became my stepfather, about a year later.

On March 26, 1962, my mom and stepdad married. (You've all been praying for Stan Shivers - that's the guy. He's now suffering from emphysema and bad rheumatoid arthritis.) After two years living with them, I decided I didn't want to do that anymore and so asked my mom about going away to school like my older brother had done. She agreed -- but she got to choose the school. I had picked out one in Hawaii; she chose one in Kansas. St John's Military School in Salina, an institution affiliated with the Episcopal Church.... and that's where and how I became an Episcopalian.

I graduated from St John's in 1969, convinced I was going be a marine biologist. I went to Europe for the summer and then entered Revelle College at the University of California at San Diego. I was quickly disabused of the notion that I was called to the sciences! I stuck around Revelle College for 5-1/2 years, working in some odd jobs (hospital janitor, orderly, computer operator for the AEC, bookstore sales clerk) while changing majors on a regular basis. Finally, the provost of the college pointed out that I had enough credit hours in either Philosophy or English/American Literature to take one more course in either field and graduate.... so I did and graduated in December 1974 with a degree in Literature.

While in college I'd gotten very active in the church and had decided to go to seminary. But the commission on ministry of the new Diocese of San Diego told me to do otherwise. Long story there -- let's just say basically that I learned a lesson in episcopal politics. So, instead, I spent several months trying to find a job .... and ended up going back to school. I took a 10-week course in how to be a paralegal at the University of San Diego and went to work in litigation support with the San Diego office of a Los Angeles based international law firm. After six months of doing one thing on one case 8-10 hours a day, I quit.

I found another paralegal job in Las Vegas for a small personal injury defense firm. And having nothing better to do being single and not very wealthy in a place where there are plenty of single not very wealthy people, I decided to go back to school again. So I went to the University of Nevada during the evenings and got an MBA. With that in hand, I went to work as a law office administrator for a different firm for a couple of years. At which point I was given an opportunity to go to law school on a full-scholarship. So I did...

Evelyn and I had met through the church in 1979. We married in the spring of 1980 and I started law school (back in San Diego) that fall. Three years later I graduated with a JD "summa cum laude" and six weeks after that, our first child was born. (At the beginning of the academic year we had made a choice -- a post-graduation trip to Ireland or a baby; you know which won.) We moved back to Las Vegas; I took the Bar and went to work for that first firm I'd worked for as a legal assistant. A couple of years later Caitlin was born.

We had been active in the church for quite a while (Evie is a cradle Episcopalian). In 1986 I was asked to be Chancellor of the Diocese of Nevada, which I agreed to do. In my "spare time" I took all the educational offerings the diocese made available for deacon-trainees, Canon 9 candidates, etc. and, eventually, the be-a-priest nagging from God got louder. I had intended to practice law for several years, retire in my mid-50s, go to seminary, and be a clergyperson in my post-retirement career. But in 1987-88 a very good friend with the same idea (he was a petroleum engineer who'd decided on much the same career path) died suddenly of stomach cancer. At his funeral, I told Evelyn I had to quit law and go to seminary -- no putting it off.

Things didn't quite work out that way. For a variety of reasons, going to seminary became out-of-the-question, so my bishop allowed me to "read" for orders instead -- _not_ Canon 9 however. I finished all the "course work" the Examining Chaplains required of me by December 1989 (it was supposed to take three years, but I did it faster) and in January 1990 took the General Ordination Exams. I passed all seven sections and was ordered a deacon on 8 May 1990 (the Feast of Julian of Norwich).

That fall I did go to seminary for one academic year, getting a "Certificate of Anglican Studies" from Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, CA. I returned to Las Vegas. I ordained to the presbyterate on 21 June 1991 (Eve of St Alban) and took the position of Associate Rector of Christ Church, Las Vegas. I was there for two years when I was contacted by a small parish in the Kansas City metroplex asking if I would be interested in being considered in their rector search. I agreed....

While that was going on my older brother, who was vice-president and dean of faculty at San Diego State University, suffered what seemed to be a stroke at the age of 49. It turned out to be the first sign of glioblasoma, an invariably fatal primary-site brain cancer.

In June 1993 I was called to St Francis Parish, Stilwell, Kansas, and two weeks later my brother passed away on Father's Day. He wanted to be buried in his hometown, Winfield, Kansas, so having just returned to Las Vegas from Kansas after the final interview at St Francis, we got back on a plane and went back to Kansas to bury Rick. A week after that, the kids and I moved, leaving Evelyn in Vegas to sell the house -- it took six months and she finally joined us just before Christmas.

I spent ten rocky years at St Francis. It was (and remains) a dysfunctional parish that refused (and refuses) to grow to anything larger than a chapel of repose for a privileged few. We did some good things and there was some growth, but there was also a lot of in-fighting, a lot of discord, a lot of conflict with the diocese. Systems of conflict had grown up around (and with the encouragement of) the founding vicar who started the place in 1974 and died in 1986, and those systems are still in place today. ... 'Nuff said about that.

My mother passed away on 22 December 1999 after several months suffering with hepatitis-related liver and kidney dysfunction -- there's a long history there! Suffice to say that I developed a significant hatred for Health Maintenance Organizations as result of our experience with Mom's health care.

While at St Francis, and looking for some help in how to deal with the parish and its issues and do a "turn around" ministry, I went through the D.Min. program in congregational development at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in Evanston. I received my degree in June 1998. It was a very helpful education, but after four more years at St Francis I realized that I had done all I could do there, so I began the search process in the early fall of 2002.

My kids grew up there, participated in marching band (Evelyn and I became very active "Band Parents"), went away to college from there. Patrick, who left school after one year, still lives there and works as a convenience store assistant manager. Caitlin is a freshman at KU in Lawrence.

I left St Francis in February 2003 on a "terminal sabbatical" and received a call to St Paul's, Medina, Ohio, in May 2003. I started at St Paul's in June and, so far, it seems a great place with lots of history and tradition and even more potential and future. My only complaint is that the insurance is ... a Health Maintenance Organization!

Funston, Patrick submitted January 2005

My name is Aidan Patrick Funston (Patrick if you please). I was invited to the Pub by my dad, you all know him as Eric+.

Just a little bit of history: I'm a cradle Episcopalian, but consider myself Anglican.

I am currently a Sophomore at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. I am studying business. I just got back into school after dropping out for two years to work at a Gas Station (what in the Hell is wrong with me? [speaking of which, I'm equally on level 2, 5, and 7. . . Lustful, Wrathful, and Violent >< ]). I hate my job, so I am back in school full-time. I am majoring in business because I feel called to become a priest. On the advice of several priests, I am majoring in business (but also because I understand it).

In my spare time, I play video games and watch a lot of movies. I am also a huge Star Trek fan. . . I'm more of a Trekker then a Trekkie though (read, "I don't dress up as a Klingon, but I'm really just as big of a geek.")

I am 21 years old and I live by myself.

That's it, thanks for letting me in! I'm glad to be here!

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