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Galliher, Jonathan submitted November 2004

I'm a Hoosier born and bred and have lived all my 22 years in Indiana all my life except for a summer spent working in Portland, OR. My family has always been fairly active in church life, starting in the Evangelical Orthodox Church and then switching to the Episcopal Church, but I was not particularly involved until 6 or 7 years ago. Since then I've gotten quite involved in the dioceses of Indianapolis, and served of a couple of committees in the diocese over the past 6 years including serving on the Standing Committee for a couple of years and being a delegate to the past 4 Diocesan Conventions. I graduated this past spring with a degree in religion from Wabash College, a small liberal arts college for guys in rural Indiana. Since graduation I've been working on where to go next, one possibility is the priesthood although I'm not very hopeful of things working out in that direction any time in the next couple of years. I've been sitting in a corner here in the pub since shortly after the HoBD Forum list was shut down.

I probably won't post particularly often since I would much rather listen to the wisdom of others than expound wisdom of my own, but I will probably post a bit more than I have.

Gandon, Phil submitted April 2002

I guess I should join the trend and introduce (or re-introduce) myself. I was on the old list and still have both versions of the Via Media Via Modem tee shirts, and I still drink my coffee every morning from my Via Media Via Modem coffee mug. I was involved in St Sam's but quit for almost a year before joining St Bedes and a short but tumultuous time on vestry there. I have enjoyed a number of listmeets and have met almost 50 of you face to face in these meets (Toronto 3 times - Casanovia NY - Buffalo NY - Kemptville, Ont - Bayfield, Ont -Washington DC) I was born in Manchester, England, spent my early teen years in Scotland. Was ordained in the Church of England in the Diocese of Chelmsford (Deacon '56 Priest '57), emigrated to Canada '58. Spent 13 years as parish priest in Diocese of Huron before moving into the field of vocational rehabilitaion of people with disabilities with an organization known as Goodwill Industries. I was Executive Director of local Goodwills in London, Ontario, Youngstown Ohio, and Toronto over a period of 20 years. During most of that time I also worked as a Sunday-only supply priest during various parish vacancies. I missed out the fact the Jean and I were married in 1956 so we are now only four years away from our 50th anniversary. We have four grown children, three of whom are living in different parts of Ontario and the other in New York City. We have four and eight-ninths grandchildren. Nine years ago we retired to the small town of Goderich on the shores of Lake Huron where we are both involved in volunteer activities. My biggest time commitment at the moment is as a board member of our local hospital. I think that's enough for now. I need a drink. I don't suppose you have an Ontario brewed Sleeman's Honey Brown?




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