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Johnston, Mike submitted April 2002

My name is Mike and amongst other things I'm a priest in the Church of England, in charge of a parish in the small town of Cowes on the Isle of Wight. For those who haven't had the pleasure of visiting that place, it's just of the South coast of England, and is one of the world's major yachting venues. Needless to say, sailing is one of the other things I do. I'm also a software engineer for a major international corporation, and have been happily married to Cynthia for nigh on 35 years. My family are all grown up and have flown the nest, making their own ways in the world.

I'm looking forward to participating the Magdalen. It was way back in 1995 that I first encountered the Anglican list and also many whose names I am pleased to see here. Indeed I have met one or two of you, and what a joy that was! Of late I have been more of a lurker than anything else on the various list to which I belong. Perhaps on Magdalen I will change back to my old habits as a regular correspondent, but maybe not, we'll see.

Jones, Connie submitted April 2002

Norfolk VA

Oooooh, the best part about a new list is the intros, esp. of the people you think you already know.

I joined the old Anglican list in 1994 or 1995, and have left it for reasons not worth fussing about. But since then I've met about five dozen Anglicanski whom I got to know by their internet "voice" before I knew them in the flesh. A wondrous opening of the world to some of the most fine and interesting people in the world. Literally.

The short intro is that I'm middle-aged, live in Virginia near the coast, have a magnificent husband named Bill who teaches Political Science but loves movies best, have a daughter Cary who is a college graduate and deciding what to do next (probably go to Santa Fe for some reason that eludes me), and a son David who goes to the University of Richmond and just bought a tux with my money (that tells volumes about him). I also have a small calligraphy business, two cats, and plenty of allergies and debts. I have a bird nest with baby birds in my mailbox, and I have to keep the cats inside because they have been leaping at it. (The cats and the humans are getting on each other's nerves about this.)

I have taught US History in the community colleges of Virginia for 29 years, and dearly hope I can retire soon. I am finishing a second part-time oddly-configured year of seminary with Presbyterians and tutors, and next year will attend Virginia Seminary in Alexandria in a more or less normal fashion. I will live in a dormitory and eat institutional food. I would like very much for each one of you who comes to the Washington DC area to promise to come visit and eat some of that institutional food with me. I will be ordained in June 2003 unless I completely flunk the GOEs (General Ordination Exams).

What happens after next year is something God will have to help me decide. It's a little fuzzy at the moment. It will need to involve paying off some of those debts, and will also need to involve a reunion with the dear husband who is going to be abandoned for the nine intervening months of the academic year.

In the meanwhile, I am hawking a book which is slowly making its way into bookstores, just in time to have people buy it for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Graduation. If a great number of people buy it, it will help with the debt problem mentioned in the previous paragraph. The book is a memoir, and it doesn't have any bad words in it. Well, almost none. It's called She's Leaving Home: Letting Go as My Daughter Goes to College, and thanks to Brian, I've managed to give the book a website. Please visit it if you're utterly without other more useful things to do with your computer.

You wouldn't believe what places I've gone to and what people I've been associating with on the internet in order to try to sell this book. But this new list I have joined out of the sheer joy and hope of it. I'm looking forward to your companionship now, and next year when I'll be typing away in a dorm room.

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