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Kang, Romain submitted August 2003, revised August 2005

I was raised mainly in Richmond, Virginia among Southern Baptists but attended high school at St. Christopher's School, an Episcopal-affiliated institution, so I've had Episcopal connections ever since. I went to college in New Jersey (Princeton and Rutgers) then followed employment to the San Francisco Bay Area where I have resided since 1989. I currently work as a software engineer with former particle physicists who are trying to look at networks with a analytical, scientific angle. The end product is a specialized network monitor, though I like to compare it to an automobile, saying that the physicists build the engine while I put in seat belts and upholstery.

As of this writing, I'm 43 years old and never married, though I haven't ruled it out. My immediate family (stepmother, three younger siblings plus their partners and a toddler niece) are back in Richmond, while my second family, the kids of my godparents, live around Washington, DC and Ripon, Wisconsin. So I've come to realize that my home parish of St. Mark's, Palo Alto has nearly taken on the role of my local family. I also seem to frequently appear at St. Bede's, Menlo Park, where Breen Mullins, another Magdalenite is a member.

I once compared the St. Mark's congregation to an extended family of differing stages, though it now seems to have more of a young families personality. So it feels different moving around them during our weekly "agape meal" (where many other congregations would have a simpler coffee hour). I've worn many hats at St. Mark's, including a couple of terms as a warden and many subgroups, though I'm currently down to just Liturgy, Stewardship, and Technology committees and representative to the diocesan convention. I've said that I'd like to develop my personal life a bit more before I become hyper-involved in parish life again, but we'll see.

Music played a key role in sustaining me and guiding me through difficult times growing up, and it remains important to me. I consider my community project to be volunteering at Stanford University's radio station and broadcasting a weekly radio program ("Mixed Up Class, a tossed salad of classical music"). In the coming year, I'm hoping to return to regularly playing violin in an orchestra. To this end, I gave up singing in the St. Mark's choir, but then I promptly got recruited to a nascent a cappella octet that calls itself Mock Turtle Soup. So far, we've sung for St. Mark's and the Unitarian Universalists; it's different, singing a jazz vocal arrangement of "Over the rainbow" for an offertory.

Kaufman, Carol submitted May 2002

San Jose, California

Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Carol from northern California. I used to lurk at St Bede's and it's nice to see so many familiar names here. I'm a software engineer and my darling husband is also an engineer, but of the electrical persuasion. We share our lives with 2 hyperactive, demanding, and curious Oriental cats and a very long-suffering English Cocker. I am very glad to note that I seem to have fallen in with a number of cat persons here. I attend a lovely, small Episcopal church in the south end of the valley. Not surprising (for this area anyway) there are a number of us nerdy types in the congregation. It makes for some interesting conversations. I have enjoyed what I've seen here and am looking forward to new friendships and fellowship.

Kershaw, Simon submitted April 2002, revised December 2003

I'm a lifelong Anglican, baptized at the age of 2 months on Easter Day, 31st March 1959 according to the rites of the Church in Wales, and confirmed on Palm Sunday 30 March 1969 by Bishop John McKie, assistant bishop in the Diocese of Coventry. Since 1986 I have lived in St Ives in Cambridgeshire, and worshipped at All Saints, the parish church of St Ives, in the Diocese of Ely. I am a member of the Diocesan Synod and of various diocesan bodies, including the Cathedral Council.

I have been married to Karen since 1986 and we have two children, Jennifer and Alexander. Jennifer was confirmed on Easter Eve, 30 March 2002 (33 years to the day since my own confirmation) at Ely Cathedral.

I have worked in the computer software industry since 1980. In my spare time I combine my skills as webmaster at (since 1995) and helping the Church of England make liturgical material available on the internet. Recently this has included books as well as web pages: first as a contributor to Companion to Common Worship (SPCK, 2001, edited by Paul Bradshaw), and secondly as co-author of Come to the Feast: a companion to Common Worship Holy Communion; see here for more details. More recently I compiled and edited the new edition of Exciting Holiness (Canterbury Press, 2003) which contains collects and readings for the saints' days of the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh calendars. I also designed and typeset this 700-page book. See here.

I have been a member of various Anglican discussion lists since 1993, and look forward to continuing to chat with people I have come to know in that time, and meeting new people.

Kipp, Elizabeth (Blake) submitted April 2002

I have wandered over from Anglican and St Bedes after looking at the webpages. My first posts told me that Joan was doing much better which I was glad to hear having met Roger and Joan in Rome.

I am a cradle anglican baptized in Huron Diocese, Canada when I was one month old in 1945. As a child I attended church weekly with my family of nine. I went to Eucharist early morning with my Dad and then taught Sunday School at 11:00. In my teen years I was headed towards being a medical missionary but married at 20 my charming husband and am still married to Ed 36 years later. I did finish my undergraduate degree in science and stayed home for nearly 18 years proofreading/copyediting scientific and other journals on contract. When we were first married my husband and I went to each others' churches alternately (Ed is United Church of Canada). About the same time as our first child was born, we decided to go to Church of the Hosannas (a beautiful old church in Hyde Park just outside of London, Ontario - Anglican). Actually my early ancestors in the area had helped to build the original church. A year later we moved to Ottawa and the extension of ordination of women to the priesthood happened. I discovered I wasn't ready for that and started to withdraw from my Church. Ed thought it would be nice to attend his Church (Orleans United) and for 17 years we did. Now we are back to alternating between his Church and mine. I prefer mine but the service in the United Church is full of hymn singing and devotion to the Bible which is also quite beautiful. We attend Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa, Canada. I have been on Anglican since 1995.

Knitter, Scott updated June 2002

Scott Knitter, age 41, have lived in Near North area of Chicago for two months, attend Church of the Ascension on North LaSalle Boulevard; work for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Corp. at an office in Oak Brook in the western suburbs of Chicago. I've worked for them for 17 years, developing new-business proposals (mostly research, writing, editing, and desktop publishing). Would like to make a change. I live with my "domestic partner" (so called by EDS Benefits), Scott F. Smith, age 26, and we've been together approximately seven years. He is a pastry cook at Sofitel Chicago Water Tower (that's a hotel). We share an Anglo-Catholic approach to the faith and are enjoying living one block from an Anglo-Catholic parish. We do, however, support the ministry of ordained women, unlike some (but not most) of our fellow parishioners. Among my passions are the study of liturgy, the praying and study of the Divine Office/Liturgy of the Hours/Breviary, and listening to and performing sacred music of the medieval and Renaissance periods. I am a baritone and perform with the early-music ensemble Vox, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have a strong interest in Gregorian chant and keep a Web page about it at I am also deeply interested in Benedictine monasticism and ways in which nonmonastics can deepen their Christian practice, and I remain an oblate novice of Saint Meinrad Archabbey in southern Indiana. If I make a retreat there soon, I can make my final oblation and become an oblate, a lay person with a commitment (but not vows) to pray with and for the Saint Meinrad community and to keep a discipline of the Daily Office, holy reading, and regular reception of the Holy Eucharist. I am a member of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament. I've just begun using a Web-based system to catalog my book collection, and I offer this link to it as further insight into my interests, for those interested. It's incomplete, but may be fun to look at anyway:

Kroll, Bonnie submitted October 2008

I've been a List participant off and on since about 1995 - at - and do recall introducing myself painfully (I'm terminally introverted!) there eons ago. Some of my fondest memorys of those days were the Mega-Listmeets in NYC at America Restaurant (man, there had to be 20 of us there: Deb Bly, Jim Guthrie, Kirk Hollingsworth, Raspberry Rabbit, Bob Rea and a surprise fly-in by Brian Reid spring to mind…) and in DC on the occasion of the Griswold consecration at Diana's apartment - as well as the early days of #Anglican on IRC where I got to know so many awesome folks sort of in person!

Beginning with the present (2008), I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working as a contractor at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Virginia. A native New Yorker, I relocated from Long Island in 2002 in order to put in more time as a Grandma to my elder son's two children. I am a member of historic Trinity Church in the Olde Towne of Portsmouth (see our profile), where I am a member of the choir and the vestry. We've had a rough several years and are currently in search, hoping to identify "the" candidate within the next several months.

Prior to my relocation I lived 26 years in Amityville (Yes, THE Amityville!) NY and was an active member of Grace Church, Massapequa and, before that, St. Mary's Amityville, the former being "broad" and the latter "spiky". Cursillista: LI Women's #15 (1980-something??). I have two grown sons whom I raised in Amityville. The younger, Marty, is still up there, a newlywed since last December. He works for SUNY @ Stony Brook. My firstborn, Rich, is here in Virginia, having landed here after retiring from a 20-year naval career, now working at Norfolk International Airport. There are two grandchildren, Kayla (1997) and Mikey (2000) (many on this list remember their birth - especially Kayla - that's when I became "AngliGran"! (Hi, Fleenerbabe!!)) I don't see as much of them as I'd like. :(

Worked as a medical social worker with Good Shepherd Hospice (formerly Mercy Hospice) for 12 years, before that worked at St. Mary's Hospital for Children in Bayside,Queens. Before that I was a full-time Mom.

Before Amityville I lived in Germany for a few years, in the Odenwald area of Hesse and worked as a tri-lingual secretary-type in a factory.

Formative years were spent in Hempstead, NY, undergraduate at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. I consider myself a "cradle" Episcopalian, although parents did not participate actively in any church, other that having me baptised on the Feast of St. Elizabeth at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Garden City, NY, my grandfather's parish. I had to find my own spiritual way - not a bad thing, I think. Spent some years as a Methodist both in Hempstead and Amityville before returning to my roots. Prefer formal ritual, but will tolerate anything that is done "decently and in order" according to the Prayer Book rubrics. i.e., don't like "creative worship."

My interests are genealogy and photography, and I love music, strictly amateur. I sing annually with Symphonicity (formerly Virginia Beach Symphony Orchestra) chorus. Enjoy my yard, although I curse the amount of work it sometimes is!

Oh, yes - two critters of the feline persuasion, Chadwick and Natasha, and a couple of pond fish - large goldfish thingies that start with an "O" also share digs with me.

Can't think of anything else…

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