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Laufersweiler, Barbara submitted April 2002, revised February 2004

Hello, all. I'm Barbara, and I'm an adult-convert Episcopalian… I was born in 1962, and I've been married to Mark, whom I met in grad school at Penn State (meteorology, for both of us) since 1992. I was confirmed in 1993 by Bp. C. McNutt in the context of the Penn State Episcopal student ministry. I was born in California and grew up near Seattle; Mark is a native of Ohio; and we live in Oklahoma, where Mark is the computer guy for the University of Oklahoma's School of Meteorology and I'm an at-home mom to our two young sons (born in Dec 1995 and Feb 2000). Our Web site:

I have a home business as a Web designer. I also find myself drawn inexorably to faith formation. That has taken shape so far in both a Web site and a parish flyer of resources for children's faith formation in daily life, Faith at Home, and my involvement in Godly Play and other activities at my parish (St. John's, Norman, Oklahoma). I keep going to area & regional Christian formation events, too. I'm not sure where this will take me, but I'm pretty sure it's going *somewhere* and in the right direction for me. Here's my Web site:

I was a "cradle nonreligious," which was pretty typical in Seattle of the 60s and 70s. I had a conversion experience at age 16, and attended an Assemblies of God church until my mid-college years. The following decade included a lot of reading of church history, theology, and more, and discovering that I needed to be in a liturgical, sacramental church. The Penn State Episcopal student ministry was a great gift in my life. A year or so after being confirmed, I joined the list (1994? the first Anglican message of those I've kept was 2/2/95). For years on the big A and later lists I was a "one year on, two years off" kind of list member – mostly very quiet – rejoining St. Sam's after a long hiatus just in time to see St. Bede's form, joined St. Bede's, then Magdalen, and here I am.

My other passionate interests are gardening; needlework, both my own and learning about historical textiles; and reading about theology, children, faith formation, church history, and cultural/social & geographical history. More interests: baking, cooking, choral music, homeschooling, frugality, and simplicity.


rosa rugosa

rosa rugosa

Laughton, Louise submitted January 2004

I was born and grew up in North Carolina, my mother's family from the coast, my father's from the Piedmont. We moved from Raleigh to Morehead City, a small coastal town, when I was 14. I met my husband at Morehead City High School, and we married in 1960. I am a 1959 graduate of Meredith College in Raleigh (history/English) and did graduate work in European history at Tulane in New Orleans. My husband came to Syracuse to work for GE the summer of 1959 with the ink still wet on his engineering degree from NC State in Raleigh. He took early retirement from GE in the early '90s and went into business for himself as a designer of custom integrated circuits. He had contracts with several companies, including GE, at the time of his totally unexpected death from a cerebral aneurysm in the summer of 1994.

I worked many years as a reporter at the Syracuse Herald-Journal and also wrote a weekly humor/opinion column. I then worked for almost a decade in the office of news and publications at SUNY-ESF (NY State Univeristy College of Environmental Science and Forestry) on the Syracuse University campus. During my ESF years, I edited a magazine on waste management research taking place at ESF and other colleges and universities in the SUNY system. I retired six years ago.

Our daughter is married and lives in Wilmington, Delaware. She and her husband have two sons, one in third grade, the younger in first grade. She met her husband in Wilmington soon after she began work there as an information systems manager at ICI.

I am a member of St Alban's Church in Syracuse and occasionally take short courses through the School of Christian Living at St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Syracuse. I'm registered for a class with Suzanne Guthrie scheduled to start in late February.




Lemmon, Lee submitted May 2002

For this INTP having sent an Intro once to pretty much the same people, sending another is redundant. Yes I know there are people here who didn't read my earlier intro, but, . . . retired teacher of English--from grade 3 to postgrad, but mostly college freshman composition classes and seventh and eighth graders mother of two adult males, one east coast, one west coast, I see and hear from east coast almost as often as west but enjoy all contacts with each. West coast son has been working on the making/programming of an artificial pancreas for the past several years, marketing is in sight. East coast son works with numbers but I'm not sure exactly how or what kind. Paul, west, is divorced and looks to be almost ready to commit again, I hope (he hasn't at all liked being single). Philip, east, is married to a lovely young woman (pictures of their wedding April 1999 can be seen at ) so far no grandchildren companion to three anglicats born Mormon, since 1967, happily active Episcopalian at sundry parishes here in So.Cal. and two in Philadelphia, past 15 years at TrinityLA. Have been vestry, lector, LEM, member of search committee, choir (singing alto and/or tenor as need determined), delegate to diocesan convention, sometime president of Deanery IV in LA diocese married twice, first to father of sons, divorced when sons were very young, second to a wonderful Yorkshire man who died too, too soon. (father of sons now 82 is still alive--boo, hiss, just not fair) come from long-lived genetic stock, am going to Atlanta this summer to celebrate Mother's 90th birthday (and attend installation of TrinityLA's former rector at his new parish St Bart's).

Lewis, Kris submitted April 2002

Many of you know me from the Other Lists, but here I am.....I'm a 49-year-old college professor at a small Catholic College in northwestern Vermont, just outside of Burlington. I have a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from the University of Florida. I'm also mother of four--a 27-yo aspiring soccer coach son, a 24-yo labor organizer daughter, a 21-yo college junior daughter, and a 10-yo Little League catcher and Harry Potter buff son.

I'm a cradle Episcopalian, baptized in NC in 1953 and confirmed in VA in 1965. Right now I'm a member of St James Episcopal Church in Essex Junction Vermont ( where I'm a lector, chalice bearer, handbell player, head of Adult Christian Ed, and member of the outreach committee. Over the last few years I've been in a discernment process, and last September I was made a Postulant for Holy Orders. In August I'll be heading off to Manhattan with my 10-year-old, where I'll begin work on my M.Div. at the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church.

My favorite pastime is reading--almost anything, but lately lots of Madeleine L'Engle and some theology. I don't have a TV--haven't for about 5 years, but I make up for it by spending way too much time on the computer. I occasionally do counted cross stitch, and very infrequently these days play my guitar, which I've been lugging around since high school.

I'm a native Southerner, born in North Carolina, and lived in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, NC, SC, and Florida. I moved to Vermont almost 8 years ago and love it here--even in winter.




Limehouse, Adam Campbell submitted November 2004

My name is Adam Limehouse. Youngest of Ann Capers for those who don't already know me as "the Boy." I am many things among them an ardent Partisan of the left both in Politcs and in Religion. I try my hardest to stay even handed and always respectful. I am also a third year student of Philosophy at the College of Charleston and as my mother's son a poet. Though my poetry is awful in my estimation. I am actually living in an apartment and not in my parent's home or in the Dormitories. And I have no SO at the moment and I am not exactly looking very hard for one. Such is the madness of being 20.



  Limehouse, Ann Capers submitted May 2002

Through a kind invitation, I have been here almost from the beginning, but have been sitting very quietly in the corner, even when I could be here at all. I am Annelle Capers Huffman Limehouse, known locally as either Ann Capers or Capers. I am 52, 53 in July, stout, with hair that is now more grey than not. I have three children, Alice, 27, who is just starting her final year of law school and is the mother of our only grandchild Phoebe, 3 1/2, John Nathan, 25, who starts medical school in August, and Adam, who graduates from high school June 1 and starts college in August. I have been married to Walter Limehouse for a little over 30 years. He is an Emergency Medicine Physician and a professor at the local medical school. I am a CPE Resident, getting ready to start my fourth full unit at the beginning of June. I am the chaplain on the acute care units of a pretty good sized urban hospital in Charleston, SC - along with the new staff chaplain I cover SICU, CTICU, CICU, and two stepdown units as well as mayday calls and night on-call when it's my turn. We also see some at home hospice patients. I have also been a teacher for years - I think I have just turned in my last grades for my last class last Tuesday. I am also a writer and poet. Churchly speaking, I am a member of Grace Episcopal Church where I am active in Adult Ed. I am just finishing my 3rd year of EFM. I have also cleared the parish discernment committee and meet with the diocesan COM May 28 toward the permanent deaconate. This probably over any and all word limits.

update December 2003

Well I looked at my bio on the web page and was taken aback by how much had changed. But not everything. I am still married to Walter Limehouse (since 1971) and he is still an Emergency Medicine doc and a professor at the Medical University of South Carolina. I still - thank God - have three children, Alice, who has graduated from law school and is working in a small family law firm, John Nathan, who is half way through his 2nd year in medical school here, and Adam the Boy, whom some of you know from his occasional appearances on different lists. Adam is a sophomore here at the College of Charleston, majoring in Political Science, minoring in Spanish, and involved in the local Democratic party. We have one grandchild, Phoebe Ann, our daughter's daughter in Atlanta, GA. She is now 5. Alice is engaged to and planning to marry Larry Mason on February 14, 2004. We live in Charleston, SC and I am a member of Grace Episcopal Church.

I have finished my CPE training. At the moment I am an Associate Chaplain at Trident Medical Center and the Chaplain at Canterbury House, an independent living facility for older folks. For the Diocese, I am the chair for HIV/AIDS Ministries and I am on the Province IV HIV/AIDS Ministries Board. At Grace, I'm a lector and involved in Adult Faith Formation. I am a Deacon Postulant and go to Deacon School locally. I am a poet. And that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Any questions?

update March 2005

Out of date again. I'm an older Annelle Capers Huffman Limehouse, 55. Or Ann Capers. But, I'm now a Candidate for Holy Orders as a Permanent Deacon. The Bishop, the Standing Committee, and God (not necessarily in that order) willing my class will be ordained in September. I am about one third through my training as a Certified Poetry Therapist. I am still a chaplain in the Trident Medical System and the Chaplain at Canterbury House, subsidized housing for the elderly. And I'm still head of HIV/AIDS ministries for my diocese. Still married to Walter, who is still an MD in Emergency Medicine at the Medical University here -- also involved in teaching Ethics. We are both members of the Ethics Consult Service for the Med U Hospitals and on the Ethics Committee. I'm still a poet.

Three kids, Alice, lawyer, (m. Larry Mason, 14 Feb 2004), 30, John Nathan, 28, and Adam, 20. Now two grandchildren, Phoebe Ann, 6, and Kaleb Demby, baby. Kaleb will be baptized at the Easter Vigil at St Luke's in Atlanta. Larry also brings two young sons, Larry, 7, and Marcus, 3, from his first marriage into the family. John is a third year med student here,hoping to be resident in Emergency Medicine in 18 months. Adam is a philosophy major at the College of Charleston, a senior by hours. And that's what I know and it's probably too much.

Long, Pamela submitted January 2006

Well, I have listening for some time now in this pub but have not yet introduced myself or posted. First, let me say how very much I have appreciated this place since I found you and subscribed a few months ago now. You have supported me in so many ways that would be difficult to explain but for which I am grateful.

First, an introduction. My name is Pam, I am 53, married, with two sons in high school. I am a member of the faculty of an MSW program in a small private university (Roman Catholic diocesan) and returned to the Episcopal Church one year ago, when I became very clear to me how very much I needed the Eucharist and to be part of a Christian community. My husband and sons also returned — although the kids have been less enthusiastic. At 16 and 18 its difficult to return to church after being out for three years when that prior experience came with some difficulty. Add the fact that, in absence of experiencing a Christian community and Christian education in the Episcopal Church, their more recent exposure to "Christianity" was from media coverage of the religious right, etc. This return to church and differentiating these interpretations of faith has been challenging. We're making progress…

Geographically, we are in the Diocese of Quincy (DOQ!). My husband and I moved to this town 13 years ago from the Diocese of Chicago and made the decision at that time to travel across the Mississippi to another diocese. I never felt entirely at home in this church-outside-of-my-community and it was difficult as we lived quite a distance, kids went to different schools, and we couldn't easily be involved in anything other than Sunday services and education.

We we now belong to the Episcopal church in our city — DOQ. It seems to me that, politically, the diocese is divided with about half supporting their understanding of the Bishop's position, while the other half does not. Of course, people don't belong to the Episcopal Church in their community for political reasons and some persons have more awareness than others regarding the whole scene. I am only grateful to have found an open and loving congregation in a place where I did not expect it and to also have found a spiritual director. And, again, my heretofore quiet connection with members of this pub has been invaluable.

Love, Kevin submitted April 2002

Peace and blessings to all who read this,

And greetings from Pickering, Ontario. Where I live with my dear wife Janet, and our three children. These are Helen, age 5, Robert, age 3 and Christine, aged four months.

The nearest listsib to me geographically is Marion. She and I both live in the parish of St Paul's on-the-Hill, where I am one of the churchwardens.

My family is originally from Huron County, Ontario. Phil Gandon (who I understand is signing up for this list) used to be Rector of the parish that includes the Love farm.

I was born in California and grew up in Wisconsin. I returned to Ontario to take my undergraduate degree at Trinity College, University of Toronto. I spent 16 years as an infantry officer, including both full-time and reserve service. This experience has given me a profound devotion to the values of peace, love and unity.

It is my sincere belief that the Internet can be a useful method of furthering these values, through discussion and dialogue that encompasses a world-wide community.


scotch thistle

Scotch thistle

Lowe, Steve submitted April 2003

My name is Steve Lowe.

Lela, my spouse of 33 years, and I live in Geneva, Illinois having moved here after my retirement from active duty (US Army -- 22+ years). My day job is the Computer Center Manager for Aurora University. I basically manage our mail server and the overall administrative server for the University.

We worship at St Mark's Episcopal Church in Geneva, Illinois:

where we are actively involved in parish life. Usual stuff -- ushers, layreaders, Matthew 25 ministries, former member of vestry. Lela is a church lady. She is the administrative assistant for St Charles Episcopal Church ( St Charles is the town immediately north of Geneva).

We have two sons, both married -- one living in Batavia (town just south of Geneva) and one living in Merriam, Kansas.

I have remained a lurker on this list, as well as the ANGLICAN and St Bedes list, because of other activities. I just completed my 4th year of Education for Ministry (EFM) in December 2002.

In addition, I also completed my first year in the Diocese of Chicago Deacon's School. I am two years behind Bruder Jon!! Currently, we are heavily engaged with Church History and the New Testament. My paper due tomorrow is an essay on the question: Was the Reformation Inevitable?

So, life is busy -- I probably will stay in the lurk mode for the immediate future. Still, it is good to be back in the Pub.

addendum February 2006

Just a brief re-introduction. My name is Steve Lowe. My day job is the Manager, Administrative Systems for Aurora University. I was ordained a vocational deacon February 5, 2005 and I serve at St Mark's Church (Geneva, Illinois). Jon Egger, Mary Jane Anderson and a few other listmates came for my ordination. It has been a good first year for my ministry. God's grace sustains me everyday in my ministry.

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