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Markle, Revd Ann submitted April 2002, revised March 2005

I'm an Episcopal priest, ordained nearly 6 years now, whose big red dog is the true love of her life. Little Buddy (2 year old mostly Manchester Terrier) is also a faithful friend, but Tessa (half Lab, half chow) will always be #1 PUPPY. I have an old cat, too, who lives upstairs and has had a stroke, so she staggers a little. I'm Rector (for 2 years now) of a not-quite-small Episcopal parish in East Tennessee (Sunday attendance about 75 at one service). I love it here, and have really begun to come into my own in terms of more confident (but egalitarian, I hope) leadership. I'm learning many important life and vocational lessons. The geography, the parish, and the cottage gardens that surround my house are perfect for me right now.

Crossville, Tennessee, high on the Cumberland Plateau in the western end of East Tennessee (very nearly Middle Tennessee) is a great and growing town, has four seasons (even a little snow, but MUCH less than Buffalo, where I lived for 24 years before this), and is beautiful to behold. I do miss big bookstores (or quality small ones), and TJ Maxx. But all that is a reasonable drive away. I live in a dry county, so buying any alcohol except locally-produced wine (some of it not awful) requires at least an hour, round-trip.

I like to read and write and work in the acre or so of gardens and watch TV. I've become a really good cook, and like to grow a lot of my own ingredients in my veggie and herb gardens. I intend to take a few golf lessons. I love yoga, as well, and take classes 3-4 times a week. Preaching is my primary passion in parish ministry, but there is much to love. I can't imagine ever living anywhere else but the mountains now, but I'd love to have a place by big water (lake or ocean, I don't care) to spend time, as well.

I discovered the joys of being on email lists with Anglicans in 1996, when I moved to Connecticut for 3 years for seminary. That first list was like a home parish to me; my email friends did so much to help me get through seminary, and to educate me about how the church *really* is, not just how they try to teach it in school. I've gone on to other kinds of email lists, as well -- but I do love parishes, pubs, the kind of places where you can be "family" together. I try to be good, honest -- but once in a while I get a little bit cranky. I'm sorry.



Indian blanket

Indian blanket

Marsh, Carol submitted April 2002, updated January 2004, updated March 2005

My name is Carol and I'm a nomad. I wasn't even born where I was supposed to be because I arrived in this world six weeks early while my parents were visiting my maternal grandparents. I missed being a fool by five minutes since I was born at 12:05 am on 2 April. My mother always said I jumped into the world feet first and I've been doing the same ever since.

The introduction I wrote for Maddie's Pub last year is history. I'm still the "Maid of the Mountains" like my website says, but now I'm in different mountains. Ever since I retired in June, 2003, as Parish Administrator for the Episcopal Church in Lincoln County, New Mexico where our office was at the parish Church of the Holy Mount in Ruidoso, my daughter began bugging me to "come home" to western Pennsylvania.

Shortly after Easter 2004, I made an offer sight-unseen on a house on the east edge of New Castle. I thought my offer was ridiculously low, but to my great surprise the sellers accepted it. To make a long story short, I spent the next eight and a half months commuting back and forth, with a month-long trip to the U.K. and France in the midst of it, and finally got completely moved in December. Actually, New Castle was never "home" even when Les and I lived in this part of the U.S. before, but what the heck! "Home" has always been wherever I've found myself living for the moment.

My faith in God has provided me with the only stability I've ever had. I don't remember a time when I didn't know that God Is. That's not to suggest that I haven't experienced conflicts, doubts, even anger and sometimes a sense of being forsaken. I'm definitely human, but sooner or later trust prevails.

I'm a cradle Episcopalian with roots on my mother's side in British Christianity that predate Augustine of Kent. My father's roots were different. Despite his own rebellion against the ultra-conservatism of the tradition in which he was raised, he made sure I was biblically literate. One of my earliest memories from babyhood is of sitting on my daddy's lap while he read me stories from the Bible. That child's love for the stories and poetry of the scriptures has never left me. I still enjoy reading the Bible and wrestling with the stories' meaning informed by faith and critical study.

I'm a creature of rural areas and smallish towns. I sincerely believe that the Holy Spirit has called me to serve others who live in back of beyond places. Sometimes I wonder why me? I pray, "Why, Spirit, have you sent me to this place? What am I supposed to do here?" That's the place I find myself in again as a new opportunity for ministry is opening before me.

Other interests and passions: reading, especially history and historical novels; traveling and listmeets; being outdoors and exploring mountains, streams, beaches or even my own backyard; photographing plants and animals; being a "bad bird watcher"; genealogy and finding out about the real people behind the faces in the boxes of pictures and documents I've inherited.

Rather than bore you with more words, may I invite you to visit my gallery. Like my life, it's a work in progress. Enter my website, click on Honi's doggy face and share a bit of my life in picture stories. If you prefer just click here.

And please remember, the welcome mat is out in New Castle, Pennsylvania just as it was in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Carol died on 21 August 2008.

May, Patti submitted April 2002

Guess after almost a week of lurking in the corner I its about time I poked me head forward for a few minutes and introduce myself some.

Sunday mornings, those that I can actually manage to leave my house, you'll find me at the far left end of the back pew of Trinity Anglican Church in Colborne, Ontario. I've attended there now for about 10 years. I'm not a cradle Anglican, I was raised in the United Church of Canada from which I fled as a teenager in around the mid 70s.

The death of my husband in 1989 stirred, among other things, a need for spiritual journey. That journey started itself out on the BBS systems and eventually brought me to Trinity and Anglicanism in 1991. I'm employed a few hours a month as Secretary for both Trinity and St George's, Grafton which is our sister parish a few kilometers west of here.

Those who aren't as geographically challenged as I am will find both Colborne and Grafton on REALLY good maps about midway between Toronto and Kingston on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

I've been hanging around lists like this since about 1995 when I first accessed the Internet. In addition to meeting (sometimes really meeting) a diverse group of people, it is interesting to learn the diversity of the Anglican Communion and how little I really know.

When I can, I do web design work professionally. I have some limitations to working full time at it but manage to cover a fair amount of ground inspite of the limitations.

Although not as actively involved as I was a few years ago, I have a very strong connection with the Royal Canadian Legion and in particular the local Branch, having served (and still serving) on the Branch Executive for over 25 years including 6 of those as Branch President, the only woman to hold that post in our Branch.

This Saturday evening, I've been called upon to take part in a very special presentation. For the first time in our 67 year history, a member of our Branch is receiving the Meritorious Service Medal. The only honour higher in the Legion is receiving the Palm Leaf to the MSM.

The gentleman who will be receiving this award on Saturday evening was my predecessor as President, a fellow Life Member of the Branch and Citizen of the Year recipient and a life long active Anglican. His service to the Legion, the Church and the community has earned him this high honour and he richly deserves it. Don is a very gentle unassuming man who reaches out to the less fortunate in the community in a manner which uplifts and supports them.

When I'm not hanging around my computer, which is a huge part of my time, I like to read. My reading interests tend to vary a lot which keeps things interesting. I'm one of those who isn't really happy unless she has more than a couple of books on the go at a time. Let's see... what I have got hanging about.

I just finished "Thunderhead" by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, it's an archeological mystery type novel centered around the Anasazi's. It was a good read but not quite as good as those produced by the Gears, Kathleen and William who interweave a plot with a modern day excavation into a parallel plot of the ancient ones who lived within the excavation area.

Almost finished "Why Christianity Must Change or Die" by Bishop John Spong. An interesting read, rather thought provoking. He asks some hard questions and ones I find worthy of exploring. My Rector has some others of his he's willing to loan when I'm ready.

The next novel is a toss up between Susan Howatch's "Mystical Paths" and John Irvine's "Hotel New Hampshire". I've never read any of Howatch's so I'm likely leaning in that direction. Novels are my bed time reading material.

Other books in various stages of reading include: "Introducing NLP" by Joseph O'Connor & John Seymour, "The People of the Lie" by Scott Peck, "Angels & Dragons" by Molly Wolf (actually this one gets read and reread as the need/desire strikes), "Legends of the Bible" by Louis Ginzberg, "The Life & Times of Jesus the Messiah" by Alfred Eldersheim, "The Revenge of Brand X" by Rob Frankel, "The Non- Designers Design Book" by Robin Williams and "Forms of Feeling" by Robert Hobson.

Time to get back in my little corner over there before someone takes it.

McCartney, Gaynor submitted December 2003

Yes Sally sorta drew me into what became Plusweb when I did some work on photos for a website for her. I love tinkering with photos on the computer, and getting the very best I can out of any image, and I pester her for the sort of photos and the quality that I can do nice things with. (Hi Sally). I am Gallery Manager for Plusweb and for St Sam's Gallery.

OK family… 5 children, 4 married and the other a research scientist. We have 2 architects, an accountant, 2 school teachers, a computer programmer, a pharmacist, and a student. We have 5 grandchildren and one couple are yet to start a family. They are both very involved with sport.

We have lived in Piopio, a wee country town of 500 residents in the North Island of New Zealand since our children were tiny. We love it here, and I love the friendships from the internet communities I have become part of.

Interests:- Church + Theology, Family, Photography, Computer, Music, Handcrafts, Garden, and a new interest in Travel since making the most of the trips to the short Residential Schools associated with my study… LTh (Licentiate in Theology).

About 4 years ago I got drawn into computers, somewhat reluctantly, when my husband and a friend were trying to create a form for me and just didn't get what I needed. "Do it yourself - then you'll understand it cannot be done" Heh! Wanna bet. I love stretching the capabilities of equipment. With long distance phone calls on cheap rate at night, my son taught me what I needed to know to get the computer to do what I wanted it to. I have no formal computer training… but soon get geeky in the things I am interested in (while remaining blissfully ignorant of many basics).

Hehe… I took a University paper on Intro to Information Systems this year cos hubby was taking it, had told me it was Internet Systems, and we both knew I know a lot more about internet than he does… So I was going to help him. I found the paper to be more about management of small businesses… accountancy… and only kept on with it because of having paid its fee. Got results today. He worked hard all year and got B+. I did as little as possible, crammed for 2 days before the exam, and got B-. My first exam in 40 years !!!

I also passed Music in Worship for LTh this year… to add to the other 5 papers I have passed there. I am part way through 2 other LTh papers and should finish them over summer holidays. Then I will be half way through that diploma. However I will not be attempting to do 4 papers in a year again. I do not anticipate this leading to ordination and really am doing it only for my own interest now. (When I started it, I was taking services once a month and leading a weekly bible study group)

When my mother died, I bought a house to rent out as investment. The following year I built a second house at the back having crossleased the property. I did all the painting and decorating of the new house, and the necessary redecorating of the older one each time tenants changed. One tenant left the front house owing me a lot of money and leaving it in a mess, so that got sold about 3 years ago, and our home Win 95 computer was upgraded to one each on Win 2000 Pro. This year for similar reason, I had to sell the second house. As the money for the houses had come from my parents' estate, I decided we'd use it as they would have approved… thus a trip overseas. We are to go to America next April/May, and Britain though June, meeting many of my internet friends in both countries, visiting our daughter and some of Ian's relies in UK, and doing sightseeing… 2-day Yosemite tour, and 6-day Grand Canyon etc tour, etc.

We will be skimming through America and Eastern Canada, almost too quickly to be seen, staying only one night in many places, and weekend or 2 or 3 nights in a few. Honolulu, San Francisco, Yosemite, Las Vegas (for the Canyons tour), Denver (very brief), San Antonio (& San Marcos), Austin, Dallas, Longview, St Louis, Chicago, Tampa (Torpon Springs), Raleigh (daytime), Asheville, Atlanta, Alexandria (&Washington), Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Poconos Mts, Niagara, Toronto, Halifax, & another place in Nova Scotia, then out to UK. We will stay with Sally, also variously Reading, Musselborough (Edinburgh), Perth (also Scotland). Ian hopes to revisit places in London that he knew in the 1940s, to ride in a canal boat, and maybe to see a cousin in Wales. I have a rellie near Canterbury. The Brit part of the journey is not yet planned very much yet. I am leaving a lot of that to our daughter and Ian.

With the trip in mind, last June I bought a 'better' digital video camera and was convinced I had all I would ever want in camera equipment. I am now waiting delivery of a 'really good' still camera. All the accessories had arrived at the shop today, but the camera not yet. I also bought myself a laptop, and when the PC played up, decided to rest it a little and now use the lappy as main computer.

I need glasses for reading or close work now so do very little of the embroidery I used to love. In fact computer and study have somewhat taken over the knitting and gardening I used to love too. I have a big garden, two adjacent paddocks, and a huge pond surrounded by shrubbery. These give us both great pleasure. Unfortunately none of the grandchildren live close enough to really appreciate the tree climbing possibilities.

You can see me in the St Sam'sGallery.

McDonough, Joan submitted April 2002

Given that many have asked for an intro I thought I would oblige.

I am 44 yo, a cradle RC. After school in Wanstead, on the edge of London, UK, I spent 3 years in Cardiff, studying for my BSc in psychology. Then a further three in Liverpool, doing my doctoral research. An unhappy year at Heriot-Watt university working as a researcher and helping with some teaching of statistics was followed by three years working in Cambridge university, which was idyllic.

Then came the fatal error; my then boss Sheila told me that she had been very happy in the Civil Service, that she thought we were temperamentally similar, and that therefore *I* would probably enjoy it. Alas, what I didn't then realise is the immense difference between being a career civil servant a la Sir Humphrey of "Yes, minister" fame, and being a psychologist working for the CS.

I was duly appointed to the prison service, and assigned to Full Sutton maximum security prison just outside York. Packing all my worldly goods into a transit van, I headed north. I rather liked my boss, the Principal Psychologist, but many decisions were being made by *his* boss, the no. 1 Governor. (low grade officers are 8, wearing uniforms, but at grade 5 and above suits were worn). It helped rather that Full Sutton was brand new and didn't have any occupants! Indeed, given a cold Edwardian flat, complete with decaying glass houses, I tried (unsuccessfully) to beg a cell!

It was there that I met a disgruntled chaplain by name of Roger!

I was later to be posted to the training planning unit at Wakefield (TPU) which meant a lot of field research all over the place, with a bit of role play as light relief - to actually be *paid* to yell obscenities from a mock-up cell, to taunt and infuriate trainees as part of their hostage negotiaters' course. Unfortunately the stress was too much for me, coupled with osteoporosis, and I was offered medical retirement.

By then I had married, so the next move was to Batley, W. Yorks as "vicar's wife" in St John's, which combined with daily mass at St Marys - ecumenism indeed! After we had ensured a future for that parish, we were invited to come here to Bedford, a small town within reach of London, Cambridge, Ely and innumerable places of interest. My aunt, uncle and cousin all live nearby in Stevenage, and it isn't too far to my parents' abode in Orington, Kent.

We currently have four cats. Leisure interests include visiting stately homes and other NT and English Heritage properties, music (mainly classical) opera and ballet, needlework and last but certainly not least, reading.

Churchwise, I was attending St Josephs' RC church during the week, until the sudden onset of rheumatoid arthritis made the route to difficult, and I have also been attending St Martins', where one Roger is Priest in charge.

It's a lovely church dating from around 1870, high church with candles and incense. The vicarage is of the same era, large but with large rooms and immense garden. The garden is home to a colony of midwife toads who can be heard singing on summer evenings. I also have a small cruiser, currently moored at Ely, close enough for day trips but equipped for longer voyages to myriad water-side hostelries.



Messick, Fr Kurt submitted May 2002

Many of you know me from other places on the web. I am currently a student and part-time instructor (among other various grant project jobs) at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana. For the past two years, I was Director of Communications there; prior to that (and continuing as a consultant for the present) I worked at the local school-to-career project as director of communications, and prior to that, I was public relations director at the local technical college, Ivy Tech.

Before my career in education administration, I worked in the British Parliament and taught at Indiana University in the field of political science.

My degrees are from Indiana University and the University of London; I have studied political science, religious studies, Jewish studies, and history. I am currently pursuing a Master of Divinity at CTS, and will likely finish at my part-time progress rate in the next two years. I have begun looking for a dissertation topic to be able to finish a doctorate, most likely through the University of London.

I am currently working with Dry Bones Press in California to publish a book of poetry, essentially a reprint with expansions of a book I published in 1986, later this year. I have plans next summer for an article on Old Catholic history in the academic journal Encounter, followed by a book in the following fall or winter. I am also shopping around a manuscript of London in poetry - an anthology from the time of Chaucer (or just before) to the present.

I currently have over 500 articles up on the website Epinions, with more added on a regular basis. I was mentioned in Forbes magazine in September 2000 for my online writing. I have provided stories and articles for many other websites around the world, from movie and book review sites in Europe and America to wine and spirits sites in South Africa.

I was ordained a priest in the Old Catholic church in March 2000; I have served as chaplain at the Bell Trace Retirement Centre in Bloomington, Indiana for the past three years, where I conduct weekly bible studies and services in a broadly inclusive and ecumenical style. I live a few miles from that community, just outside of Bloomington, with my four cats Paul, Mommy Cat, Prancer, and Silver, where we battle the rising damp and mold, hoping to be able to move to Indianapolis in the near future.

I am currently looking for a full-time job to replace the Director of Communications job that ended this semester. Any help would be appreciated!

I was invited to join here by my online-friend Carol Marsh, whose Anglican pedigree goes back like mine -- my family have been Anglicans since long before the separation from Rome, which makes it strange that I am not part of that church, but I continue to live in hope that I will be able to rejoin one day.

Thank you for including me in your community here.

Mina, Heather submitted August 2002, updated July 2005, May 2007

I'm Heather Mina, mid 30's, cradle Episcopalian, software engineer.  I have golden honey colored hair, blue-green eyes, and a waistline that is much thicker than it should be.  I have two absolutely wonderful children, a twelve-year-old daughter and a thirteen-year-old son. Both participate in the International Baccalaureate program in Virginia Beach, and it has been incredible for them.  I am in the process of separating from my husband of almost-fifteen years, which is difficult for all of us.  This January, I had a lateral job transfer, and am now working in my company's finance department doing analysis and forecasting.  It is fun, geeky work, and most of the time I love it.  It's also very data-centered, and I'm getting to design and build myself a data warehouse in Oracle.  Woo hoo!  I have played the flute since I was 8 years old, and I'm building up a nice little side business playing as a freelancer for weddings and parties and such.  Music has always been a key part of my life, and I had put it aside for a time but am overjoyed to pick it back up again.

I'm a member of Old Donation Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Southern Virginia.  Old Do is one of the oldest parishes in the US, and it is an incredible place.  I have never experienced a parish anywhere that takes the ministry of hospitality as seriously as absolutely everyone does at Old Donation.  Some of my favorite things are Diet Dr Pepper, Chinese food, the colors pink and purple, seeing the forsythia bloom to mark the end of winter, sliding into bed between freshly washed sheets, taking a nap on a cool day with the windows open to the breeze, cuddling with my children, and receiving email that isn't spam.

Moon, Sharon submitted March 2006, updated July 2011

I joined the list early in 2005.

I live in Charles County, Maryland, USA with a roommate couple who rent the basement of my home. We have a long time friendship and they have been a comfort to me as I am adjusting to my husband's loss just two years ago.

I care for two ring-necked white doves (at my therapy office) , a Quaker parakeet named George, a Boston Terrier named Mika, a Sheltie named Gabby, a lovely tuxedo gray cat (fifteen) and a Canary named Petros (all at home).

I maintain a psychotherapy practice and also work for the Air Force at Andrews. I provide services to a range of clients including young children, adolescents and adults. I enjoy my work and have recently begun to expand the practice with two new consultants, following the death of my husband and practice partner.

I live in a small county seat town outside of the DC beltway, not far from the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac Rivers. I have another small "home" at an RV campgrounds on the Potomac where I maintain a boat and fifth wheeler, enjoy the water edge/view and interact with marsh wildlife along the Potomac river. I dabble in nature photography and local historical interest shots.

I grew up in the Society of Friends, but joined the Episcopal Church in the early 80's. I am from rural Ohio and lived there until we moved to West Virginia where my husband and I lived for ten years. Our family moved to Southern Maryland in 1986 to be nearer some of the arts world and computer accessibility of the beltway. Both the kids were directed and one was a budding computer geek and the other a budding voila.

I play the guitar and sing and I sometimes do choral singing and was associated with the Maryland Choral Society for a few years.

I now attend an Episcopalian parish near my home...been going there for more than twenty years, off and on.

I have much joy in my two sons, 37 and 32. One is married, has seven year old twin daughters, and lives closeby. A computer architect and Dell consultant, he works much of the time from home and his girls and wife are blessed with a very active dad/hsuband. My younger son lives in DC with his partner/husband and they both work at the White House/OMB. Looong hours of work.

My boat has been in the shop for a couple of years but I am hoping to spend time on the River this summer as soon as we can get it water-worthy. A new engine is being installed.

I am dating and in a long-term relationship, now for more than a year.

I keep three anonymous blogs going: one quasi-political and partisan and addressing contemporary social issues; one a kind of spiritual diary/sharing of musical, poetic, prose and photo resources, and the third is an information resource for patients and internet seekers re: therapy, personal growth and health issues. Two are popular spots and get good traffic. The partisan one is a recent addition and is just getting on its feet in the internet community. No one may ever notice.

Moore-Darms, Sue (SMD) submitted April 2002

Hi all, I realized that I didn't offer much of an introduction, so here goes. I am Suzanne Moore-Darms, a lifelong Episcopalian, living in southern NJ. In my current church home, I am currently serving on vestry, chair of our worship commission, lay reader & in charge of scheduling all of the other lay readers, chalice bearers, a co-coordinator of our church school, member of out intercessory prayer group, etc etc. I have worked hard to make our church more family friendly. Our former (now retired) rector used to laughinly call me a pain who dragged him into new programs, but I only really got started after he left! Now that we have a new rector full of wonderful ideas of his own, I thought I would back off a bit, but God keeps nagging me to work on revitalizing our Jr. high youth group. When not at church I am a clinical & school social worker, wife to a book salesman, mom to a 13yo son, 9 yo daughter & 4 yo cat, and love genealogy. And I would like it if you could have Harp on tap.

Mullock, Sally submitted December 2003

CofE Reader, Wilmslow Parish, Chester Diocese, UK

I'm known online as SallyM and live in NW England in the beautiful and old diocese of Chester. Married to my DH for the last 28 years. Two children, now in their early 20's; one has flown and the other has just returned after spending most of this year in Australia.

I have been online for about 8 years now and have enjoyed both visiting listsibs and entertaining them here. And I hope to meet many more of you, when I go travelling again!

I am a Reader in the Church of England (Hi Roland!). See here for a description of the various roles that encompasses. It certainly keeps me busy and out of mischief, most of the time!

Recently, I have begun to do some web design and sales, to earn the odd crust, along with some other listsibs that might be familiar to you. <g> See

Other things? I drive too fast, enjoy the odd glass of Aussie red wine, read murder mystery novels and (horror) watch soap operas!



Murphy, Roy submitted April 2002, revised December 2006

I am married to Abby who is a priest serving a pair of yoked parishes in the Diocese of Long Island. We live just outside of New York City. I am recovering from email addiction.

Abby and I are the proud parents of Katriel Caihong who usually goes by the name Katie. Katie was born in Zhuzhou, Hunan in the People's Republic of China in April 2002 right about the time of my original introduction and adopted by us in March 2003 in Changsha at the height of the SARS scare while the US was preparing to invade Iraq. Today, she is a lively, outgoing, smiling rainbow of a young girl who is a great blessing to us both.

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