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Orr, Roland submitted April 2002

I am a (UK) Reader licensed to two churches in the Deanery of Cobham in the Diocese of Rochester UK, and also to the Medway NHS Trust where I help the Chaplain one morning a week. (In UK a Reader does most things a Permanent Deacon does plus taking funerals).

I live in a village near Brand's Hatch in Kent which is a car racing circuit - probably No 2 in UK. Dartford and Gravesend are nearby, and Sevenoaks is to the South.

Paid Work is mainly running the accounts on computers for several companies in Rochester. I drive a car to work, unless my wife wants it, when I then take a train from Longfield to Rochester for £3.60 return for a 16 minute train trip each way.

At home I keep my emails on a Win Me Dell 600, but for other things take place on a Dell Laptop: Win XP Inspiron 8200 P4 just out in USA and UK - the first time I have had to wait a month to get a Dell. A white Apple Laptop would probably have been better, but I am not really bright technically enough to change............. Often listen to Radio 4 as I use a computer. I am an Alistair Cooke fan - he has just been taking about Israel and Palestine + the history thereof and the use of "a" and "the" in the relevant declarations and how this has causes a lot of problems due to misinterpretations etc etc.

I met Gillian in Rome last year.

O'Shaughnessy, Mary submitted May 2002, revised September 2004, revised August 2005

My name is Mary O'Shaughnessy, I'm 41, and I've been on Anglican lists of one sort or another for, oh, about 15 years, I guess. I'm a second-generation Native New Yorker (subspecies native Manhattanite), and I am the product of a working poor Irish-American family. I took about 18 years to get my B.A., and in September 2003 I started in the M.P.A. (Master of Public Administration) in Nonprofit Administration program at Baruch College's School of Public Affairs - it's part of the City University of New York.

I was raised RC, but became an Episcopalian in 1984. I worked for the Church Pension Fund for five years, and left last year to try to expand beyond a purely technological role. I'm still looking for a full-time job in a nonprofit management spot, but right at the moment I'm developing a business system for a very nice tire shop.

I've been a parishioner at St. Luke in the Fields, a liberal Anglo-Catholic parish in Greenwich Village, since 1991. It's about an hour commute from my northern Manhattan apartment, but I like it.

I'm also a licensed NYC tour guide; I like zoos, klezmer, old cartoons, pubs, and walking around old neighborhoods.

And I am owned by two cats, Hello (a tortoiseshell, about 8 years old), and Ebony (a black shorthair, who will be 18 in February).

O'Sullivan, Jackie submitted January 2006

Age: 48

Education: MDiv EDS 2001, one year of post-grad study in aesthetics and historical liturgy

Place of Domicile: Belmont, MA

Co-habitants: Daughter Siobhan, 21; Granddaughter Kasey, 13 months; EmmaLou Catacus, fat; BooBoo, blue-point Siamese with Feline Cognitive Disorder

Vocational status: withdrew from ordination process in MA, currently working as a contractor for the American Congregational Library and Dragon, but just landed a position with Big Blue (IBM) as a field service technician for the server/point-of-sale division

Relational status: Single

Auto: 2004 Toyota Matrix (I love it)

Church affiliation: in the midst of a long sabbatical from regular Sunday worship

Things that keep me "sane": photography (recent digital convert--great absent space for a darkroom!), reading (see below), container gardening (no yard ;-(), cooking, being outside, my new-found love for golf — and boy do I s**k!, dreaming of a little wooden sailboat, mucking with my computer, my friends, writing, especially goofy doggerel, my spiritual director, bicycles, choral singing when the opportunity presents itself.

Stuff I read: The New Yorker, American Prospect, Golf Magazine, Wooden Boat, just finished "Survival or Prophecy," a volume of letters between Merton and LeClerc and "Befriending the Stranger;" currently reading Bynum's "Resurrection of the Body;" "Run to the Mountain," the first volume of Merton's journals; re-reading "Thomas Cranmer;" books on golf, especially Harvey Pennick's wonderful little volumes; sailing and wooden boats; poetry; and wonderful kid's books!

How People Who Know Me might describe me: quick-witted, justice-minded, ethical, lousy with money, easily bored, opinionated, loyal, mildly judgemental, brave, tall, artistic, somewhat moody, very quirky, mechanically inclined, logical.

Know lots of you from year past on the old Anglican, and it's good to see so many familiar names (as I am also a little shy, although I compensate well) as well as folk I do not yet know.

Owen, Peter submitted April 2002, revised November 2003

I'm a lifelong Anglican, born 56 years ago, baptized by my grandfather on 24 May 1947 and confirmed by the Bishop of Colchester on 2 December 1962. I spent my childhood in and around Southend-on-Sea in Essex, went to the Universities of Birmingham and Sussex and then taught mathematics at the Royal Military College of Science and Liverpool John Moores University before taking early retirement in the summer of 2000.

I live 100 yards from the sea in Blundellsands (a suburb of Liverpool) with views of north Wales, and on a clear day I can see Snowdon 50 miles away. My flat is full of books (too many to count) and 800 or more CDs (mainly early music).

I have worshipped at St Luke's in Crosby (a mile or so from where I live) since 1988. I have been a churchwarden there since 2001 and I am the parish webmaster (

I am the Vacancies Centre Editor at Anglicans Online.

I have been a member of the Church of England General Synod since 1995.

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