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Parker, Allan submitted June 2006

Father Allan Parker was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In the middle of his senior year in high school his family moved to Seattle. He graduated from the University of Washington, where he met his wife Jean. Fr. Allan graduated from San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, California and was ordained in the Presbyterian Church. He served that church for five and a half years in Kansas and Washington. Allan and Jean had six children and eleven grandchildren.

After a year of intensive study under two diocesan tutors, Fr. Allan was ordained deacon and then priest in the Episcopal Church in 1963. He has served parishes in the Seattle, St. Louis, and Cleveland areas. He also served as Diocesan Hospital Chaplain, and was Assistant Administrator of Columbia Lutheran Home, a Lutheran Church-sponsored nursing home.

Fr. Allan's post-seminary education included a fellowship at the College of Preachers, where he read religious sociology and anthropology, and a two-year course in pastoral counseling at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. For many years he taught various courses at the Diocesan School of Theology, including Homiletics, Patristics and Old Testament.

In 1984, Fr. Allan was elected Ninth Rector of Trinity Parish Church, Seattle, Washington, where he spent twelve of the happiest years of his ministry. After his retirement in 1996, he and his wife Jean attended Christ Church, Seattle. Fr. Allan provided Sunday supply for a number of parishes and taught adult education courses. In 2001, at the invitation of Fr. Paul Collins, Fr. Allan returned to Trinity where he assists Fr. Paul and contributes a column to the Parish newsletter under the title, "From the Desk of ye Kindly Olde Curmudgeon."

In September of 2004 Fr. Allan’s life changed radically.  After being in a coma for 52 days Fr. Allan’s beloved wife Jean died.  They had been together for over 53 years. To add insult to injury he has been fighting eye problems for the last year and can no longer preach or celebrate (but he can read).  He hopes surgery coming soon will restore his eyesight to something like normal. Also because his driver license expired in all of this he can no longer drive a car. But that’s not a problem. With his title as Rector Emeritus of Trinity Church and his bus pass he can travel anywhere in three or four counties.

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Price, Laura submitted August 2004

I am a 50 year old Licensed Practical Nurse. I am currently a member of Grace Episcopal Church in Yorktown, Virginia. I also have a bachelor's degree in English and most of a master's completed in that subject. I work with the elderly in a nursing home of mostly Medicare/Medicaid patients. I will begin the second year of EFM next month. I have a daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren. I moved from Kentucky to Virginia to be closer to them. I am very interested in issues of social justice, peace, healthcare equity, and human rights. I am a survivor of an independent fundamentalist Baptist church upbringing who became an Episcopalian as an adult. I also like to write in my spare (very little really) time. I have been writing poetry, short stories, and essays since my early twenties. Haven't published much, but there is still hope.

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