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Rea, Bob submitted September 2002

For the old timers here , I need no introduction, but i need to bring you all up to date. I began mailing lists with Anglican almost ten years ago now, and have become part of all the successor and sister lists i know of.

I'm Bob, I'm an Episcopal priest. I have just moved from San Francisco to the suburbs of Atlanta to work as Office Manager at Dragon Networks. This is where Charles Smith, the most of Anglican, hangs out. So I work for Charles

I have a complicated history, Out of college, I became a welfare worker in one of the worst ghettos, my local ghetto, East St Louis Illinois. Then I was in social services for the War on Poverty there. After a time of dropping out and being a hippie, i went back and was a welfare worker and supervisor in St Louis. After that, I was in the Society of St John the Evangelist, a n Episcopal religious order. I entered because I deeply believe God was calling me there. In 1993, I left because I believed even more deeply that I was *not* called there. During my time there, I went to Harvard Divinity School and was ordained as a Priest in 1989. While in the Society I also developed as a spiritual director. I was also very much involved in the church's ministry to persons with HIV disease.

After that, I lived in San Francisco for a year and then moved to Newark NJ, to work as a caseworker. Then I took a job as Vicar in Charge of a small mission in North Bergen, NJ. While in the Diocese of Newark, I was one of the clergy chaplains of the Oasis. The parish died painfully under my care. IN 1987 I moved back to San Francisco, because I had heard that jobs were plentiful there. I did temp work, office work, was Office Manager of the SF Mime Troupe, and then became an editor at Ask Jeeves, Then the bust came and I was out of work. I was unable to find work in San Francisco. So I took the Dragon job and moved to Georgia.

While in San Francisco, I served as a non-stipendiary priest at the Church of the Incarnation. I was able there to exercise most of my ministry skills, especially teaching and preaching. I have to date not done much spiritual direction.

So there you have it. Oldtimers, what have I left out that I ought to have included. Newbies, ask me questions.

Reid, Brian updated April 2005

Just listening here in the pub. I'm an independent contractor in the computer industry, specializing in internetwork systems architectures. I've worked in the technology industry for 40 years, and know the inner details of entirely too many computers, including ancient stuff like the IBM 7090. Evenings I do volunteer church-related sysadmin and computer/email work. I live in Palo Alto, California; worship at Christ Church, Los Altos, buy groceries at Safeway, cameras at Keeble and Shuchat, Apollinaris water at Beverages and More, and like to get pedicures at Tammy's Nails in Mountain View.

I've used the internet since 1972, built my first web server in 1993, and have not yet bought any polyester clothing. My favourite flowers are dead roses, pictured at right. I do more listening than talking, more reading than writing, and I drive a big gray 4-door Volkswagen sedan.

A while ago I took over operational responsibility for the computer. It looks like this inside:

FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE #0: Sat Apr 13 18:56:57 GMT 2002
 Timecounter "i8254" frequency 1193182 Hz
 CPU: Pentium II/Pentium II Xeon/Celeron (400.91-MHz 686-class CPU)
 Origin = "GenuineIntel" Id = 0x660 Stepping = 0
 real memory = 536805376 (524224K bytes)
 avail memory = 517570560 (505440K bytes)
dead roses
dead roses

Reimer, Kendall submitted April 2002

Greetings all. I've been occupying a stool in the far corner all this week just checking things out a bit. I've seen some familiar faces pop in from other lists - Liturgy-L and CanAng.

My name is Kendall Reimer and I hail from London Ontario Canada, for now anyway. Fresh from seminary and I found out today that I will be ordained a deacon in three weeks time. So, I'm moving very soon.

Two sons: Aaron, 19, not sure what he wants to do when he grows up so does a little of everything, moving out on his own next week; Thomas, 21, soldier stationed at Petawawa. Also owned by mittens the cat.

I like my scotch on ice and my beer thick enough to stand on!

Robison, Bruce submitted May 2002

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I've been reading Magdalen posts for a couple of days and recently replied to a note from Roy about a possible list-meet in Boston without first having offered a bit of an introduction. So, here.

Husband of Susan and father of Daniel (20 and rising to his sophomore year at the University of Pittsburgh) and Linnea (poet and artist, not in perfect harmony with the educational system but probably to graduate from high school next May), host-father this year to Kathleen, a high school junior exchange student from Germany, one-time school teacher, now for 16 years or so priest, sometime curate of St Andrew's Church, State College, Pennsylvania (home of the Pennsylvania State University Nitany Lions) and former rector of St Paul's Church, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, and chaplain to Episcopal students at Bloomsburg University, old buddy of list-sib Steve Secaur (and his great tribe) from those years, rector for the past eight years now (amazing how that time has zipped by) of St Andrew's, a gracious, lively 175-year-old parish and Rite I Morning Prayer warhorse, a place of great people, wonderful educational programs, fabulous music and worship, and a real heart for outreach ministry, in the tree-lined residential neighborhoods of the East End of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, member of the Pittsburgh Standing Committee, where I'll soon, and with some trepidation--given issues which seem to stir rather more than less here in Pittsburgh--take the chair as president, now in my last year of a three-year term as president of the Pittsburgh Episcopal Clergy Association, for the second year a board member of NNECA (the National Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations), poet, drinker of dark beer year-round, an occasional scotch, and modest quantities of gin between Memorial Day and Labor Day, baseball fan with 20-game partial season tickets at PNC Park, home of my beloved but so-often heartbreaking Pirates (who beat Cincinnati this afternoon, though), slow-but-steady 4+ hour marathoner, regular, fair weather and foul, participant in the Anglican list (and daughters) since 1995, spiritual friend of Merkbecke, Tallis, Gibbons, and most English music composed before the Reform Bill of 1832, a native Californian and graduate in English Literature (A.B. '75, M.A. '79) of the University of California, organizer of the annual "Cal and Stanford in the 'Burgh" party on "Big Game Day" each November, an alum of the Church Divinity School of the Pacific and of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, where I received the D.Min degree amidst many Presbyterians a year ago in the spring of 2001, a registered Democrat who votes almost always for Republicans, designated walker of Penelope, our 9-year-old, 75 pound Flabrador Retriever, watcher of the Sopranos and NYPD and whatever samples old or new of the many Star Trek program, though with a preference for the Next Generation classics (though I actually like the new "Enterprise" series, a great improvement over "Voyager"), and for the past couple of years not exactly a gardener, but in any case one who spends a couple of hours each week doing "yard work" in the little fenced-in square of ground behind the St Andrew's rectory (thankfully professional landscapers attend to the broad lawns of the churchyard that surrounds the church and rectory on their more-public three sides!).

This year I put in two small roses, and it's very fun indeed to watch them do their thing in the midst of all those potted geraniums, etc. I enjoy reading poetry, novels, with a special affinity in recent years for writers in English from the subcontinent, histories, and biographies. Strangely, in the past few years I've felt less and less motivated to read in areas like theology or, say, the latest Alban Institute tome explaining everything I need to do differently in order to attain, um, "Church Growth," etc. I do participate in a couple of Bible Study groups (including one interesting monthly circle made up of four Lutheran and four Episcopalian clergy from the East End, which we call the "Lutepisc" group) and still do enjoy reading Biblical criticism, if in moderate doses. Last month I had jury duty, serving on a very sad situation, a child molestation case, and lugged along with me to read on the bus and at breaks, etc., Robert Hughes's The Fatal Shore, about the founding of Australia, which I had known very little about. As the temperature goes up (though we've had a wonderfully cool weekend here) I begin to think about the three weeks or so that we spend in Scituate, Massachussets, each summer. My wife's family (descended from Mayflower guy Peter Brown) has lived in Scituate since 1650, and from the olde family home on First Parish Road we can walk to the town beach or up along the harbor to a couple of little restaurants where we sit on the deck in the early evenign and sip a glass of wine while watching the sailboats pass the lighthouse on their way in. At least once each summer Susy and I take a walk up to the Union Cemetery there (so renamed in 1870 to honor the fallen of the war) where most of her ancestors are buried, and where she and I own our one piece of earthly real estate, a little stretch near her father, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, where we will have our ashes buried when that time comes.

In any case, I enjoy the many old, familiar cyberfaces here, and the new ones as well, and look forward to a pleasant season ahead.

Rollins, Kathryn J submitted January 2005

How I see myself is probably different from how other people see me, so I'll start with the usual facts. I was born 25 September 1954 in Almonte, Ontario, the boyhood home of James Naismith, the inventor of basketball. My father was in the Canadian military so my sister and I grew up in the village of Cobden, ON, near Camp Petawawa where my father was stationed. Unlike most children of military personnel, I lived in one place throughout my elementary and high school years and never lived on a military base at all.

After high school I trained as an RN in Ottawa. I married in 1975 and moved to Arnprior, Ontario, shortly afterwards. Busy years followed as our family grew to include four boys and then a girl. In 1976 I gave birth to an organist. (Well, *eventually* Scott became an organist.) Many of you on the list might remember him. In 1978 Kerry joined the family. He was married in November 2004 and is now living in Houston, TX. Michael (1981) is studying at university in London, ON. David (1982) is living at home and working here in Arnprior. He is being 'encouraged' to find his own place. My daughter, Sarah, is almost nineteen and has one more semester of high school to complete. My husband is employed with Hydro One and works away from home quite a bit in various corners of the province. Two black and white cats, Booters and Cassy, also reside here. They are in charge of overseeing sunbeams and dust motes.

I was baptized in the Presbyterian Church (my mother's church) and sent to Sunday school at the United Church (my father's church). I was married in the United Church but spent the next 20 years attending the Anglican Church (my husband's church). I was confirmed as a teenager in the United Church and again as an adult in the Anglican Church.

What's *my* church? I scratched my PresbyUnitAng head over that one day as I sat in a pew in the Pentecostal Church where I worshipped for a couple of years. None and all. I am very blessed to be able to feel at home in both liturgical and non-liturgical denominations, and have been enriched by all my worship experiences.

No matter where I worship I seem to be called to a ministry of prayer. I've been on prayer teams, attended prayer groups, taught Sunday school, led youth group, read scriptures, managed coffee hour, attended and been on team at cursillo, lip-synched in choirs (don't tell Scott), and have most recently been involved in planning and leading women's retreats.

My hobbies include reading and writing but not 'rithmetic. Two things are like life itself to me: words and silence. Both are necessary for my well-being. I love music and enjoy going to concerts. Genealogy is a passion. My idea of a good time is to prowl through graveyards, scan stacks of land records at the county courthouse and peruse reels of microfilm of faded handwriting. I really know how to live it up.

Last September I turned fifty and celebrated by running 10 kilometers. It was a gift to myself after getting in shape by losing 90-100 pounds the previous year. It was the best thing I've done for myself in many years. I also love to go for long walks.

My life has been what some might call challenging. One of my favourite verses is from Joel 2 where God promises to restore the years the locust has eaten. If I search the darkest recesses of my basement, I think I would find a very fat locust licking his chops and quietly saying, "Burp". No matter. I seem to have been born with an optimistic outlook and a ton of faith. I find that the simplest things in life are the best. I can be nourished and sustained for ages by the image of a full moon in October, the warmth of the sun on a June morning or the scent of a lilac bush outside the back door in May.

Lest this sound too rosy, I do have my battles to fight. Being too self-critical is one of them. Having to make supper every night is another.

What you have read tells you something about me. The real story, though, lies in what I haven't told you. Yet.

Rollins, Scott submitted April 2002

My name is Scott Rollins, and I'm a 25-year-old Anglican. I grew up attending the parish of Emmanuel, Arnprior, in the Diocese of Ottawa, where I returned last November after a six-year-absence (due to umpteen different moves). Unfortunately, because of my work schedule, I only get to attend the said 8 AM service which wouldn't be my preference, but it does provide some opportunity to worship in a way that is a little more meaningful to me.

I mentioned my work schedule on Sunday mornings. The reason for my return to Emmanuel and the town of Arnprior last year was my hiring as Organist/Choir Director of Grace-St Andrew's United Church, just three blocks from Emmanuel. It's been an interesting experience, and a needed one, I think, given my tendancy to not venture very far from my comfort zone.

As you probably realised from another of my posts about waking hours, I do have a day job...with far more hours than I'd originally intended, and more hours than I'd eventually like to be working at it...working at the counter and drive-thru at one of the two Tim Hortons locations in town. I enjoy working there, but it's really busy and not an environment that really suits my personality--too hectic, busy, distracting, etc.

That covers the what do you do for a living...what else about me...obligatory Myers-Briggs type letters: INFP...extremely introverted, which is one reason I am glad for having worked in fast food, because it forced me to interact with people and learn such mundane details as how to manage small sense getting frustrated with the 5th or 6th person to mention how warm the weather is today...somebody else will be at your cash soon enough to become the 7th, 10th, 100th.

I didn't finish university (where I was a music major) because of depression. And it's something I worry about recurring. (I'm good at worrying.) My other big frustration is loneliness and lack of a quote-unquote relationship...but you'll probably hear more about those as time goes on (if you haven't started to tune me out on the subject from hearing about it too often in other places online).

As for family, I'm the eldest of five children. I have three brothers (Kerry, Michael, and David) who are all in London, Ontario (the older two at the University of Western Ontario and the younger one at Fanshawe College) and one sister (Sarah) who attends high school in Perth, Ontario, where she lives with my mother and my father (when he isn't up in Northern Ontario working for Hydro One).

In terms of other qualities...the only one I'll admit to is a sense of humour, mainly because it's something I hadn't really realised about myself until one of the ministers at the church I work for mentioned it to me a couple of times by email. Maybe because the only place I'm conscious of showing a sense of humour is at my fast food job, where it's partly real, but partly put on to fit in and partly for another reason I can't quite find the words to express correctly.

Before, I set a record for length of an intro on the list (or am I too late already?) I'd better sign off.

Ronkainen, Lynn submitted January 2004 revised February 2007

I currently live in Spring, Texas (25 miles NW of the center of the city of Houston). While I can't say I got to TX "as soon as I could" (a favorite saying down here: "I wasn't born here, but I got here as soon as I could"), I might say that I became an Episcopalian as soon as I could. I was a cradle RC, and after a few years in the desert in my early 20s, I became an Episcopalian over 30 years ago and haven't looked back a day since.

Life has taken me from suburban Detroit where I grew up, to Michigan's UP (upper peninsula) for college years, to Syracuse NY in ’74 after I married a native son, to Houston in '89 for a job transfer that was supposed to be a 5 year long ticket to better times… Those quickly passing years have been filled with opportunities, challenges, friends, difficulties and my deepening faith. In the 20 years I've lived near Houston I have raised my three children in an area I swore I would never move to and become more active in the church than I ever dreamed - back in NY I would carefully explain to my young children that people who spent too much time at church were basically unhealthy :) - and saw special gifts that I've always taken for granted bloom into a life's ministry of sorts (more on that later). I returned to college and completed 99.9% of a Master's degree in Library Science for Public School Teachers, became an EFM mentor 10 years ago (now on sabbatical), have led retreats, have a healthy balance of involvement at my church (St Dunstan's in NW Houston) and sometimes have to worry about what one clergy friend cautions: too much church can give you a rash.

Most of my time (when not distracted by the computer) in recent years is taken up with a small business I started back in 1989. I am a liturgical artist who, as a business of one, creates custom-designed vestments, paraments and banners ( It began with a gift I made for someone, and it has become a gift back to me through the people I've met and continue to meet, the work I do as I sew and pray for those people who are my clients, and the joy I receive from using my creative talents for something that becomes part of worship in many different places. I like to think about all of the people and churches I have sewn for since 1989, and all of the fabric from my sewing studio (and I've been a sew-er all my life - we call accumulated fabric a 'stash') that is in bits and pieces on vestments and banners in every manner of place, high church and low, right and left, created with prayer and all interrelated to each other, just as we all are, all part of 'the body'. And I am thankful.

In 2003, through an EFM link, I signed up as a kibitzer on the House of Bishops/Deputies list and in a round about way, that is how I found out about "the pub", and have been here since early ’04.




Rubin, Robert submitted February 2005

I've been lurking at the end of the bar for a week or so, and it's about time to introduce myself and, perhaps, sample a pint. What's the long pull this week?

I'm Robert Rubin. I participated in the Anglican list for a while, some years ago, but all the accusations of heresy, Unitarianism, mental illness, and insufficient footnoting finally beat me down. I have subscribed there several other times, with no better result. So, it was a relief to find my way to friendlier confines of the Rose and Compass, and come in out of the snow for a bit.

I live in Maryland, west of Baltimore, and am on the vestry at St Barnabas, Sykesville, where I'm a lay eucharistic minister and lay reader. My father's half of the family are southern Jews who immigrated here in the 19th century, and my mother's half of the family are New England WASPs and Episcopalians from way back. I'm 46, married to a cradle Episcopalian myself, and was baptized in 1997, and confirmed in 1998. Formerly, I lived in North Carolina. I miss it!

I'm a writer and editor. I like to hike (completed the Appalachian Trail in 1997, and wrote a book about it), and to write and read poetry. I am presently unemployed, having just quit my job after five years, but I'm presently under contract to compile and introduce a poetry anthology, and I have just written my first play.

Rutkowski, Renee (Renee of Alexandria) submitted August 2002

Pub-dwellers of the list:

I am Renee, 47 and wrinkling fast, and a resident of Alexandria, VA. I am a (somewhat discontent) intellectual property attorney, who is praying for discernment about a mid-life career metamorphosis.

I am a member of Grace Church, Alexandria, low-church Virginia's nod to smells and bells. When I left my husband 2+ years ago, I was somewhat shunned, threatened with excommunication, and other niceties. Not that all of my behavior was stellar, either. But the aftermath is that I live in that community with considerable discomfort. I miss serving liturgically (lector, acolyte, LEM, subdeacon), and I miss the intentional community of EFM, in which I was a mentor for a number of years. But to everything there is a season...

For the past 14 months, I have been a member of a 12 step group for recovery from food addiction. By the grace of God, I have been abstinent (food-sober) for the whole time, and my body has let go of 118+ lbs. It is wonderful, but WEIRD and SCARY...I fee sometimes like the demoniac who was healed, and told to go and tell...

My daughter Sarah-the-Wonderchild will be 17 on All Saints Day. It is college-hunt time, as she will be a h.s. junior in 2 weeks. U of Michigan, Brown, Virginia are on the list so far. Advice is welcome. She is VERY bright, has a deep and abiding faith. She is funny, and has a VERY foul mouth. (sigh...what we teach our kids...) She is a jock...and I have not taught her those skills, for sure. She played her first field hockey game as the starting varsity goalie yesterday...a 6 - 1 victory, in 96+ heat. Yuck.

I am keeping company with a great guy, Richard, who was my high school sweetheart...either a cute or yucky pick. But we seem happy...and peaceful at this stage of our lives.

I am currently living a dream. For 30 years, I have wanted to be a field hockey official. I began the clinic yesterday. Assuming I pass the rules test, and the on-field clinic Wed and Thurs, I will earn my striped shirt. I may be old, but I ain't finished.

I love the pub. I see signs of humor and hope, here. And I keep waiting for more drivel.







Ryan, Linda ("Kitty") submitted March 2005

My name is Linda Ryan but I've been "kitty" so long that it's the name I prefer to use online. I live in a small city just outside Phoenix, Arizona. And yes, it's a dry heat in summer but it's still very, very hot. I prefer the Tidewater area of Virginia where I grew up wandering the Revolutionary battlefields and catching the school bus in front of the home of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Most of all I miss my river, the York.

I was raised as a Southern Baptist with the church catty-corner across the street from my house and the preacher living in our garage apartment for the first 9 years of my life. I was active in it until I went to college. I had been introduced to the Episcopal Church and its worship on one of many summer visits to the home of a friend in Washington, D.C., but during my freshman year of college I started attending the local church and was confirmed on the day before my 19th birthday. It was my present to myself that year, and even though I've wandered away to sample this and that and nothing at all, God keeps bringing me back so I guess I'm where I'm supposed to be.

I've worked in various positions in our parish church and cathedral. I've been the church secretary twice and worked on the Cathedral bulletin in the past. Currently I do the weekly bulletin at my parish but have given up other activities other than overseeing the shawl ministry I started there a year and half ago. If one is allowed to feel pride, that is the contribution to the church of which I am most proud.

I've been married to the "Spousal Unit" for almost 24 years. I have a grown son by a previous marriage, and 5 grown stepkids.

Oh, and we have 3 indoor cats (Jane and Maggie are Scottish Folds and sisters) and Kittaen who is a tiny snowshoe. They are all teenagers — J&M at 14, Kittaen at 12. We also have 11 outdoor ferals we feed and 8 goldfish in a small fishpond. I like working on my computer, read mostly nonfiction religion books but am fond of fantasy/sci fi as well, and learning new things.

I have a blog that people are welcome to visit. And I'm really not this talkative in real life.

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