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Sayers, Val submitted February 2004

Former Nurse. Currently in second year of EFM. I attend St Alban's Church, Richmond, BC. I do lay admin. and sacristan duties, reader, council member and alternate synod delegate.

I am married with 3 children and 12 grandchildren. I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba but have lived here in British Columbia since 1980. I plan to return to Manitoba in November 2004.

Secaur, Stephen submitted February 2005

We moved to East Texas (Woodville) in November for Nancy's health. She has fibromyalgia and we needed to get out of the Wisconsin winters for her sake. We tried to get to Rio Grande, but God had other ideas, sending us to East Texas as missionaries to the Republicans (only half-kidding).

I have officially retired at age 60, but I am serving two parishes, so working harder than ever and still "retired." It was the only way we could afford to come here and serve two small parishes. One is thriving and a real joy, and the other is a lot of work, but the people are still real nice. Both parishes have schools, which is a new experience for me. Fortunately, they have good school boards that and principals who do most of the work.

So, for those who don't remember me, I am known as Fabio, James Brown, Uncle Kracker, Cheesehead, Archie and a few other monikers.

My cheese spouse Nancy and I have been married for almost 36 years now. I am an Air Force veteran, a life insurance agent for 10 years and now a priest for almost 25 years.

We are native Ohioans and have also served in Minnesota, Central PA and Milwaukee.

We are both active in community theater. We just this weekend completed a six show run of Little Mary Sunshine, a real enjoyable musical (little known, I guess). I played Oscar Fairfax, retired General and lecherous old man and Nancy played Ernestine von Liebdich, famous Opera Singer. We had a lovely duet and waltz together at the end of the show.

I am a fan of Blues music, all Ohio and Cleveland area sports teams and the Democratic Party.

I believe that the axis of evil consists of Wal Mart, the Republican Party, and the New York Yankees.

Sicilia, Mary submitted April 2002, revised March 2005

My name tag says that I am Mary Sicilia — the last name is pronounced like the name of the patron saint of music and countless thousands of nuns through the centuries, but I am neither a saint nor a nun — I am an Italian with an Anglicized name. Ellis Island and all that.....

I grew up in Duluth, Minnesota, when the city was still a steel mill town and NOT a tourist destination. I suppose my greatest claim to fame is that I was the only kid in a boarding house "family" of eleven adults, all of whom had definite (and conflicting) ideas about what I should do and how I should think.

My father was an organizer for the Socialist Labor Party — and most of the folks who lived with us were crusty old radicals my Dad had picked up some place along the way. Eventually I left home for the Twin Cities arriving just shortly before Mary Tyler Moore moved there, too — to seek my fortune and attend the University of Minnesota where I managed to stretch my student tenure through graduate school and instructorship for about twenty years. I never did find the fortune — but I had a lot of fun in the process.

For the past twelve years I have been the Director of Education (since 1999, bearing the embarrassing title of Canon Educator) at Trinity Cathedral in Puddle City, Oregon (aka: Portland) where I am responsible for all formation, cradle to grave. Prior to that I held the same position for about eight years at the Cathedral Church of St. Mark in Minneapolis. And before that I had a whole 'nother life as a mild-mannered American Studies/Women's History teacher at various and sundry colleges and universities in the Twin Cities area, where I taught a lot of different courses with "America" in the title.

In 1976, I managed to stumble across the Christian faith. I was baptized at St. Thomas Episcopal Mission at the first service Bishop Philip McNary did using the newer Prayer Book (He kept losing his place, but I think he did manage to get me properly baptized!). When the mission was closed for a period in 1980, I slunk off to sit in the back pews of St. Mark's Cathedral, vowing NEVER to get involved in a church again. You can see how successful I was in keeping THAT promise!

I spent almost the first fifty years of my life blissfully single, squandering my love and affection on a series of feline family members who were primarily interested in me only at meal time. Thirteen years ago (next October) I gave up the cat for the man, Robin (aka: The Haglund) — he is a far less finicky eater than any cat I ever had, and, in general, considerably less imperious. With Robin I acquired a wonderful now-adult son, Chris (given name: Christopher Robin!) who followed us out to Portland. Robin is retiring March l5 from his current position as Director of the Cathedral Arts Program.

Robin and I live in the Historic Irvington neighborhood of Portland. We used to live in just plain Irvington — but a few years ago they changed the street signs to "historic" Irvington and the price tag on all houses suddenly skyrocketed by 50-100%. We live in a little town house complex with seven units and a wonderful rose garden.

Major interests (which I have little spare time to pursue): reading (mostly biographies, history and mysteries); writing (mostly narratives and reflections); patio gardening; cooking (mostly Italian — go figure!) and taking road trips (I have visited all 48 contiguous states in the US and six provinces in Canada). Friends will tell you I am obsessed with the journeys of Lewis and Clark as well as the stories of the Oregon Trail. I think they exaggerate.




Sinclair, Robert submitted June 2004

I've been lurking for awhile. Have been around since discussion of Anglicans Online beginning. Retired priest, 43 years, with ministry in Canada and U.S. parishes plus institutional including Corrections (the Don Jail in Toronto in 75-76) plus Mental Health including Forensic (Oak Ridge Division, Penetanguishene Mental Health Centre) plus now providing sacramental ministry to two Nursing Homes plus second term on Hospice Board.

Married (40 years) three children. Live outside small French Canadian village called Lafontaine near Cedar Point where the ferry goes to Christian Island (Gordon Lightfoot sings about Christian Island) not on the water which is Georgian Bay - can't afford the taxes let alone the property. Have a 2 year old Scottish terrier called Hamish who was born in Arkansas - he's so glad we joined his pack.

Smith, Diana submitted April 2002

With pint of Old Peculier in hand, I'll step up to intro myself:

My name is Diana Smith. I live in Washington DC and attend St Alban's Parish, in the shadow of the Washington National Cathedral. Such proximity has led to many happy listmeets with cyberfriends from all over...and I'm delighted to see some of you in the pub. (I note that there is no dart board in the pub....!). I first found Anglican cyberfriends when I joined the Anglican List, then hosted by American University's computers, sometime maybe in 1995 or 94?

Born and raised in Austintascious, I'm a cradle Episcopalian who wandered off during the 60s and came back in the (not red) front door in 1985, swearing I wouldn't be involved in parish life. As I finish a 3-year term on vestry, I am the first to admit the power of God's grace in my life!

I'm owned by a 7 year old cat named Scamp, who lives up to his name. At the present time, I'm the Library Mistress for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which insures bank deposits. Pretty dry for someone who majored in British History! However, I've been offered a buyout and an "early out", ie, take the annunity and run, so I am engaged in serious vocational discernment.

My interests are reading and travel, esp to Great Britain and Ireland.

Although I'm very likely to lurk, I'm equally happy to be here!

Soukup, Cady submitted June 2002

After too many weeks of too much to do, I'm seizing a moment's respite before heading into the great north (well, Maine) for one whole week off to play with friends who are / have been cave explorers - and writing a quick intro.

Born into an Episcopalian family courtesy of my mother's family; father's family were originally Bohemian "Freethinkers" but ended up as Presbyterians before my dad & his older brother moved into the Episcopalian camp (Uncle Father Sook was ordained & active in the Chicago Diocese in the 60's - late 80's). Disappeared from the doors of the church while I wandered through marine biology degrees & research, explored & mapped caves, did search & rescue, and sundry other outdoors-oriented activities that tend to take up weekends & more. Re-appeared in church when I finally 'settled down' - got married (late), started a business with my husband, had kids (his & ours). Life changes, priorities change. Now I'm mostly doing logistics for the activities of our younger generation on weekends.

Love music, love prayer, not much of a hard-liner on anything as there always seems to be too much to _do_ to argue - big streak of pragmatism you could say.

Now a proud soccer mom, Pony Club mom, Band mom, 'active' member of local church (Trinity Episcopal in Washington, Virginia - rural Rappahannock County, VA), more. Packing & leaving tomorrow for the Woodbridge, NJ listmeet where the littlest kids & I will camp in Fr. Robert Counselman's back yard. Hoping to link up with more folks in Boston at the end of the week.

Stanton, Kenetha (KJ) submitted January 2004

Born: November 26, 1968 in Crow Agency, MT on the Crow Indian reservation (although we lived in Lame Deer, MT on the Northern Cheyenne reservation at the time) - I was the first "white" baby born in that hospital.

Raised: Mostly in Virginia (Fredericksburg, then Alexandria) with short times spent in Montana (Lame Deer and Joliet). Family is still located in Virginia.

Schooling: Graduated from The Ohio State University in 1991 with a B.S. in Chemistry (summa cum laude) and again in 1994 with an M.S. in Organic Chemistry (studied with Dr. Leo Paquette, for those who may be interested in such things)

Career: Have worked for P&G Pharmaceuticals in Cincinnati, OH since 1994 - spend 9 years as a medicinal/organic chemist in the lab and have recently transferred to the newly formed Project Management & Planning department where I'm learning a whole new set of skills.

Religious history: Was raised Southern Baptist (a very fundamentalist variety). It's been a long journey to the Episcopal church, but I can see God's hand in leading me here to where I finally feel at home. I was confirmed by Herbert Thompson++ in February 2001 at the Church of the Redeemer in Cincinnati, OH.

Marital history: Was married once for 5 years when I was way too young. Have now been divorced for just over 12 years and currently live alone with my cat, Beau. No children (unless you count Beau, of course). :)

Hobbies: Reading (mostly nonfiction - especially religious, historical, archeological, linguistic, philosophical, and psychological themes, with some mysteries and fantasy thrown in to lighten things up now and then), crafts (mostly cross-stitch and crochet), reading, classical (especially early - Beethoven and earlier for the most part) and new age/international music, reading, hiking/backpacking, reading, drinking tea, scuba diving, and reading. Definitely would be considered a bookaholic, if you can't tell. :)

M-B personality type: INFJ

Name: For those who are wondering, I'm named after my grandfather (Kenneth) and it is pronounced with the emphasis on the middle syllable and both e's are short.



Stewart, Tim submitted April 2002, updated February 2004

Born December 10, 1941 in Indianola, Iowa

Wife: Edwina, married since 1969

Sons: Timothy II born 1975 and Michael born 1978 (now in Maui and Kansas City)

Attend St John's, Tumon, Guam but member of St Clements, Honolulu

Attorney in private practice

Hobby is computers, at least the last few years, and reading.

I'm still a little worried that I may have fallen among cat people. :-)

Strang, David submitted August 2002

I guess I'm supposed to provide a summary of who I am after I make my first post here. It seems rather redundant, since in the couple of weeks I've been on this list, it would appear that most posters are/have been members of StSams/StBedes/Anglican Music List, and know who I am.

I am a dermatologist who works for the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in NE Pennsylvania, and I live in the Pocono Mountains with three Miniature Schnauzers. I have been divorced since 1984, and have two grown children and three grandchildren. Though I run the dermatology clinics, about half of my professional time is spent teaching our 52 internal medicine and 18 family practice resident physicians. I have a full time dermatologic PA, and a part time private dermatologist working with me.

I am a native of NW Wisconsin [Grantsburg], and did my bachelor's and medical degrees at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. My internship was at the Minneapolis [Hennepin County] General Hospital, and my residency/fellowship in dermatology was at the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis.

I entered the United States Army Medical Corps at the end of the dermatology training, and was sent to the 97th General Army Hospital in the heart of Frankfurt am Main, Germany for four years. By this point, I had married, and my wife and children accompanied me there.

We returned to the States in the late sixties, and I joined a large, multispecialty clinic in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, which now has become part of the famous Mayo Clinic System. After a nasty divorce, I decided to leave private practice, and have been here in Pennsylvania, working for the VA since early 1986.

I was raised in a religious Methodist family, but when I was an undergraduate, my love of good church music inevitably attracted me to the Episcopal Church. There were no Episcopal Churches in my home county in Wisconsin, but I was vaguely aware of Anglicans via the Coronation in 1952, which I listened to live via short-wave radio [remember those?], perfectly stunned that there could be any church music so good. Then there were the early National Cathedral [Washington, DC] telecasts at Christmas and Easter, so I knew that Episcopalians were Anglicans in the USA.

I started singing in the church choir when I was five, first as an alto, and then, when my voice broke, as a bass. I sang in the UW Chorus every year as an undergraduate, and I dutifully started out singing in the UW Methodist Church Choir. However, there was an Episcopal parish not far from the UW dormitories [Saint Andrew's, Madison, in the Diocese of Milwaukee], and I wandered into the Choral Eucharist there one Sunday. It was all over. I asked to be confirmed, and after a six week course, was presented along with a dozen other adults, to the Bishop of Milwaukee for confirmation.

High Church was my calling, and when I moved to the Twin Cities, I quickly gravitated to the only Anglocatholic parish there at that time, Saint Paul's on-the-Hill, Saint Paul. There, I was first introduced to plainchant, which has become my specialty. My ex-wife was in the church choir there.

Saint Christopher's [now Christ the King] Episcopal Church in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, was our parish for the next four years, and then Christ Church Cathedral, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I was cantor of the Cathedral for almost two decades.

Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, has been the center for my Episcopal activities pretty much since 1986. I have sung with the choir there regularly for some seasons, and intermittently in others. The chief reason for the intermittence is the fact that the Roman Catholic Fraternity of Saint Peter opened a parish in this region [Saint Michael's, Scranton], and I was invited to sing with the schola performing the entire plainchant Proper each Sunday and feastday of the year. This was hard for me to pass up. This experience has also opened up for me classical polyphony as well. It's been a privilege. So my time is divided, and most weekends, I'm attending two or more Eucharists because of my singing.

Other interests include medieval architecture, which has taken me to essentially every cathedral, abbey, and parish church of any note in Britain, France, and Germany. This interest is sublimated in the USA by an interest in the gothic revival parishes typified by, say, St Thomas Fifth Avenue, New York.

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