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P. Dan Brittain pdan.brittain at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 02:58:01 UTC 2019

This semester I am helping out at the local high school by directing the
symphonic band. (A scheduling snafu managed to put the high school band and
the middle school bands at the same period - normally the 2 middle school
directors help out at the high school). The HS director is determined to
continue with a wind ensemble and a symphonic band. So I have been hired
for 1 period a day to rehearse the 2nd band. Overall,, I am having a great
time with it.

With my arthritis and neuropathy, standing for extended periods is
difficult. So I have been sitting on a stool for rehearsal.

Today, as I was preparing to leave, the stool slipped out from under me,
and I fell on to the podium, landing on my hip. As far as I know, no bone
damage but I am very sore. I am also subbing for the head director tomorrow.

P. Dan Brittain
Harrison, Arkansas

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