[Magdalen] Swan Lake.

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Wed Oct 2 04:28:30 UTC 2019

There was a report today of an attack on one of our residentswans by a snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina).

These large turtles are common in lakes over the eastern half of North America,and are notorious for grabbing ducklings and other small birds on water.Snapping turtles are the terror of swimmers in the lakes of the UpperMidwest, even though they are not known to attack humans.  If they arecornered on land, however, they can be quite dangerous.

There was some damage to one of the swan's feet, but this large bird isfunctioning well in spite of the injury.

The lake, part of this Pocono gated community, has a half dozen swans that remainall winter.  A portion of the lake (Beech Mountain Lake(s) is kept ice-free forthem all winter.  They are beautiful on the lake, but I understand they can getrather vicious. 

David Strang.

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