[Magdalen] October's Bright Blue Weather.

cantor03 at aol.com cantor03 at aol.com
Tue Oct 15 23:42:13 UTC 2019

I had a medical appointment at the Geisinger Clinic in Danville, PA, about 25 miles downI-80 today.

It was a lovely autumn morning drive with a fair amount of rather dramatic morning fog.The early trees such as Red and Sugar Maple trees are highly colored already,but here at the edge of the Great Appalachian Oak Forest, things are justbeginning. My favorite tree, the Eastern White Pine (English: Weymouth Pine)never looked better towering over the hardwoods of all types.

We took some back country roads over because of the perpetualconstruction on I-80, and were treated to the many picturesque little townsin Central and Northeast Pennsylvania USA.  It may not be the Grand Canyon,but there is plenty to see right here.

Tomorrow this bright blue weather turns over to an aggressive Nor'Easter aboutnoon, and we are to get as much as 5 inches of rain.  Ditto the rest of theEast Coast.

David Strang.

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