[Magdalen] Eucharistic prayer

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Mon Oct 21 15:14:14 UTC 2019

Speaking of Canadian French, I am reminded of the days not that long ago
(1980s maybe?) when the state of Louisiana decided it would be a good thing
to allow the Cajun kids in the schools to officially learn the language
many of them spoke at home, or their grandparents spoke. They tried French
teachers from LSU and Tulane without much success because their French was
simply a "foreign language" to the kids, and finally had to import teachers
from Quebec and Ontario, whose French, being a version of the 18th
century dialect spoken in the homes of the students, was much more
familiar. Problem solved.

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> We should be careful that there are not too many references to "re-" as
> concoctingsomething new.  The Communion Sacrament is a making present of
> the one and onlySacrifice of Calvary.  This Liturgy is not renewing
> anything.  (Martin Luther not withstanding).
> David S.
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> I too have heard this ("re-membering") suggested from the pulpit and read
> it elsewhere.

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