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Glad to know that you are OK! Can you say a little more about the Life
Alert system. I’m especially interested as my wife is prone to falls. How
do they get into your house? Could they enter if your partner was not
present or himself able to greet them? Thanks.

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> I fell on the floor and couldn't get up yesterday morning.  Over the
> years, I havegone down a few times, mostly on black ice situations.
> Luckily, all my falls havebeen soft falls, and no serious injury occurred.
> In this case, I twisted aroundto pick up some papers off a table and lost
> balance.
> The amazing thing was the quick response.  I did use my Life Alert to
> summonhelp (my partner cannot lift me dead weight).  Within ten minutes of
> the fall, Iwas faced with three strapping emergency personnel, two of whom
> simplygrabbed my arms and hauled me upright.  There was no charge or even
> anypaperwork, and they left as quickly as they had come.  What
> wonderfultownship first responders.
> I was amused that my dogs didn't recognize me on the floor, and stayed
> theirdistance growling and after awhile on my feet finally realized it was
> I.
> And my 82nd birthday is a couple weeks away.  Falling is part of getting
> older,sadly.
> David  Strang
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