[Magdalen] Allen & Camille

Allan Carr allanc5 at me.com
Thu Oct 31 02:59:30 UTC 2019

The Wildwood tract near us just lost power. I do need electricity for my peritoneal dialysis machine, so maybe it will get more exciting for me.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers.

Allan Carr

> On Oct 30, 2019, at 7:51 PM, Allan Carr <allanc5 at me.com> wrote:
> The fire has been stopped at various roadways and kept confined to Simi Valley. The Reagan Library near our border with Simi Valley may have been saved because of annual brush clearance around it by hundreds of goats.
> When we first moved here and each city’s population was 25,000 or so instead of 125,000, herds of sheep complete with shepherds and dogs used to move through our county every spring. I wonder if they kept the incidence of fire lower than it would have been without them.
> Oh well, progress and warming.
> Allan Carr
>> On Oct 30, 2019, at 6:28 PM, Ann Markle <ann.markle at aya.yale.edu> wrote:
>> I heard the fire was in Thousand Oaks. Anyone know how Allen & Camille are?
>> Also our other California friends: Brian, Richard, Mike? Others I may have
>> forgotten? Please check in if you can, and I hope we’re all praying.
>> -- 
>> Ann
>> The Rev. Ann Markle
>> Buffalo, NY
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