[Magdalen] Annual Report, Good Shepherd, Summerville, SC

Roger Stokes roger.stokes65 at btinternet.com
Mon Feb 10 21:22:26 UTC 2020

Hello back from me and I notice that Good Shepherd has two 
representatives on the Search Committee for a new bishop for the 
diocese. The FB posts suggests that the parish is still in good heart as 
the State Court continues to do nothing about implementing the 
restoration of property.


On 10/02/2020 15:55, Ginga Wilder wrote:
> Some of you still have interest in keeping up with the parish Episcopalians
> formed in Summerville, SC following the 2012 schism in the diocese.  The
> litigation continues, and we flourish.  Our priest looks to the future and
> speaks to the parish of our Gospel Hope!  Alleluia!!
> Enjoy and hello to Roger.
> Ginga
> http://episcopalchurchofgoodshep-summerville.libsyn.com/02-09-2020-sermon-father-dow-sanderson

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