[Magdalen] Pray for our daughter Ginny

Ginga Wilder gingawilder at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 13:38:01 UTC 2020

Dear Friends,
Our daughter Ginny, who some of you know and who is the rector of St.
Anne's Episcopal Church in Winston Salem, NC, is in the hospital and very
sick.  She has a C. Diff. infection that began over the weekend.  She saw a
GI specialist last week to begin a workup for persistent GI symptoms she
has had for almost a year - these have nothing to do with the new C. Diff
infection, although she may have picked that up at the doctor's office.
She went in the hospital Tuesday and c. diff was identified as the culprit
of the present symptoms.  She was dehydrated, tachycardic with low BP.  She
is on IV antibiotics and is making slow progress.  Her GI symptoms
continue.  Her temp is still elevated (102) and she is sleeping a lot.

Her condition is complicated by the fact that she has rheumatoid arthritis
and is immune compromised due to that and the biologic meds she takes for
that.  John and I will go - up and back - to Winston Salem tomorrow.  We
need to see our daughter and we can spell Ginny's wife Barbie for a few

Please pray for Ginny.  Thank you.

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