[Magdalen] Blocking calls??

Simon Kershaw simon at kershaw.org.uk
Wed Jan 8 14:16:24 UTC 2020

I used to have a similar situation Scott. It was a few years ago when 
you and I briefly worked for the same company.

My direct dial number was very like that of a big local taxi company. 
Their number was (and still is) 01223 715715, and mine was 01223 371571. 
So if you meant to call for a taxi but accidentally pressed "3" twice, 
or your finger bounced on it, then you would reach me (the extra "5" at 
the end being ignored).

It got pretty tiresome, and I dreamed up (but didn't implement) two 
possible responses. The first was simply to accept their insistence that 
I was a taxi firm and "take" their booking. They would never get a taxi, 
but was that my fault? The second, more elaborate, dream was to come to 
an arrangement with a rival taxi firm to take a commission for diverting 
such calls to them.

It's amazing how rude some people can be when they have called a wrong 


On 2020-01-04 20:45, Scott Knitter wrote:
> I often get calls from military bases asking for technical support.  I
> suspect those who reach me have dialed the wrong area code. Still, a 
> few
> seem convinced I'm still the one who can help them, even when I tell 
> them
> they've reached a personal phone in Chicago and not a Navy help desk.

Simon Kershaw
simon at kershaw.org.uk
St Ives, Cambridgeshire

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