[Magdalen] Prayers, please

Ginga Wilder gingawilder at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 01:28:49 UTC 2021

Prayers that all will go well, Marion.  I am sorry you are enduring the
aftermath of this injury.


On Fri, Aug 6, 2021 at 7:43 PM Marion Thompson <marionwhitevale at gmail.com>

> Hello, all,
> Two weeks ago yesterday I tripped and skewered my cheekbone on the corner
> of a low bookcase.  A lCT scan of my closed eye and bruised face locally
> showed I had fractured the orbitol bone.  Over last two weeks I have seen a
> plastic surgeon in Kingston, and an ophthalmologist in Peterborough who
> referred me to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. There was some concern that
> there might be a small detachment of the retina.  That no longer seems to
> be a concern. Second visit this week to Kingston has resulted in an op'
> date on Monday (last I heard).  The optimum two-week window for this
> actually closed yesterday, but what can you do?  The big fellow at
> Sunnybrook said I really need to have the surgery.  It will place 'a
> manhole cover' over the gap in the bone so that the eyeball will be
> supported in its proper position and, we assume/hope, that will fix the up
> & down, not horizontal, double vision.  Never a dull moment.  I mean, it
> was a good crack, but I never expected all the fall-out.
> So, of your mercy, prayers please for a good outcome to all this.  For two
> weeks  I've been driven all over by my daughter, me overnight at her place
> in Toronto, her staying with me here depending on the flow of appointments,
> and I long to have my car and independence back!
> Marion, a pilgrim

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