[Magdalen] closed captioning

Marion Thompson marionwhitevale at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 19:02:56 UTC 2021

I seldom have the wit to save odd closed captions, but I wish I had saved
some of them!  I suppose what it thinks it hears is what we get, but there
have been times when it has been gibberish.  It doesn't have the leisure to
stop and think about what was actually said.

I heard earlier today that Volvo had trained pigeons to select the right
computer bit for insertion in its cars.  100% correct choices.  With one
thing and another, I think the human race is in a dicey position.

Marion, a pilgrim

On Sun, 20 Jun 2021 at 14:28, ME Michaud <michaudme at gmail.com> wrote:

> It's wicked hot today, the gf has gone to the beach, and I am home alone
> watching television.
> Kinda pathetic, but, hey, 90 degrees is unusual for June.
> I usually keep closed captioning on and I just "saw" a commentator say (re:
> the Catholic bishops and the President)
> "The Eucharist is being weapon iced."
> Seems plausible, given the weather and our current socially-distant methods
> of distribution and reception.
> -M

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