[Magdalen] The occasional happy political story (anticipated, Divine Office-style).

M J _Mike_ Logsdon mjl at ix.netcom.com
Tue Nov 1 04:12:42 UTC 2016

I hope others in the Pub have the occasional happy story on the local congressional level (regardless of political persuasion), but I'm glad to share what I of course hope, but genuinely believe, will be 11/08 joy.

My buddy Leon (of Bin Laden outage fame), who now spends his time tending his Carmel Valley walnut orchards and shepherding his Panetta Institute at Cal State Univ Monterey Bay (I'm gonna show up some day, and show him a snapshot of he and I just outside his House office in 1982), has a son:


... who is running to replace the Honorable Sam Farr, who is awaiting his duly earned retirement, and who honorably replaced the Honorable Leon Panetta back in the day.  I haven't been following any local polling, but being what Monterey County is, I do honestly thing he's a shoe-in, and that's a good thing for us 'round these parts.  True, he's never held public office, and he's obviously got some solid heft holding him up.  But as far as "never having held public office" is concerned, he's no Trumpazoid.  He learned at the feet of at least one of the best.

Just wanted to share.  What at least for now is *some* sort of good news in the election world.  Anyone else got a similar story?

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