[Magdalen] The occasional happy political story (anticipated, Divine Office-style).

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Tue Nov 1 04:35:19 UTC 2016

I'm in TX Mike... no
(we are hoping to get a more balanced party situation in the state 
legislature though...)


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Divine Office-style).

> I hope others in the Pub have the occasional happy story on the local 
> congressional level (regardless of political persuasion), but I'm glad to 
> share what I of course hope, but genuinely believe, will be 11/08 joy.
> My buddy Leon (of Bin Laden outage fame), who now spends his time tending 
> his Carmel Valley walnut orchards and shepherding his Panetta Institute at 
> Cal State Univ Monterey Bay (I'm gonna show up some day, and show him a 
> snapshot of he and I just outside his House office in 1982), has a son:
> http://www.jimmypanettaforcongress.com
> ... who is running to replace the Honorable Sam Farr, who is awaiting his 
> duly earned retirement, and who honorably replaced the Honorable Leon 
> Panetta back in the day.  I haven't been following any local polling, but 
> being what Monterey County is, I do honestly thing he's a shoe-in, and 
> that's a good thing for us 'round these parts.  True, he's never held 
> public office, and he's obviously got some solid heft holding him up.  But 
> as far as "never having held public office" is concerned, he's no 
> Trumpazoid.  He learned at the feet of at least one of the best.
> Just wanted to share.  What at least for now is *some* sort of good news 
> in the election world.  Anyone else got a similar story? 

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