[Magdalen] Looney Tunes?

Roger Stokes roger.stokes65 at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 1 21:48:00 UTC 2016

On 01/11/2016 16:34, Cantor03--- via Magdalen wrote:
> The water and sewer systems are in the process of complete  replacement
> here in the Pocono development where I live.  The crews who are doing  this
> work seem to have little regard for the need of local residents to  access
> their properties, and as a result roads have been closed, and there is  no
> logical detour available.  Residents and visitors alike are wandering  lost
> on unfamiliar streets.

I am currently in a similar situation with the exception that there is 
no alternative route available during the working day. The one street 
that provides access to this development is being resurfaced and so is 
officially closed to traffic from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. As it happens this 
week I need my car to travel out of town for a number of meetings so I 
have persuaded the local church to let me park there for a few days. 
Today I was going to move it to a school where I can also park and where 
I have some other meetings this week but there was no space there as 
workmen have their portacabins in the parking area.

A side issue of this is that the bin stare has not been cleared as often 
as needed and so refuse bags are on the floor rather than in bins and 
the refuse lorry cab't get in to clear them.


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