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Tue Nov 1 18:35:35 UTC 2016

What a shame!  I hope all is resolved quickly and without undue difficulty!


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> The water and sewer systems are in the process of complete  replacement
> here in the Pocono development where I live.  The crews who are doing  this
> work seem to have little regard for the need of local residents to  access
> their properties, and as a result roads have been closed, and there is  no
> logical detour available.  Residents and visitors alike are wandering  lost
> on unfamiliar streets.
> My caregiver, who also happens to be an RN, got lost in the  development's
> maze of roads yesterday morning, and suddenly found herself half-way
> through an unfamiliar intersection with amber going on red school bus
> flashing lights.  She froze at her intersection location, only to be  cut
> off
> by an apparently deranged woman vigilante screaming obscenities.
> The screaming banshee ran through her extensive vocabulary of
> obscenities, and then announced my employee "should not have children"
> (?).
> (she has a boy, 15).
> The deranged woman followed her to the guard house at the development
> entrance, then got out of her car in front of the guards and repeated
> the whole diatribe.  This woman has now filed complaints at the  local
> township police station.  She also attempted to flag down the school  bus
> involved to interview the bus driver (?).
> This wild woman obviously has mental problems, and my caregiver is  the
> focus of her current misplaced anger.  The caregiver now needs to  be
> interviewed by the township police.  It seems like a personal attack  on
> me as well.  I am so upset that this has happened to a loyal  employee.
> David S.

Marilyn (Owens, Palmero) Cepeda

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