[Magdalen] Swenska Pannkakor.

M J _Mike_ Logsdon mjl at ix.netcom.com
Tue Nov 1 22:35:14 UTC 2016

>>>There used to be a place in Ludington, MI that made pretty darn good
Swedish pancakes.<<<

It's not about Swedish pancakes, but it's a good story.

When I traveled to Minnesota in 2003 with my then coadjutor-archbishop so he could give me the royal tour of his birthplace and all the places in Minn he'd lived and had his being, one of the places, just outside of International Falls ("Frostbite Falls" of Bullwinkle and Rocky fame, and where I "saw" Canada across the river), was Ranier (home of the "Fairly Reliable Guide").  One morning we ate at a locally famous café ("No, this isn't Burger King", said the sign over the kitchen door, "so you can't have it YOUR way!"), where I ordered "pancakes".  Waitress, in beautifully stereotypical Minnesota accent, said "A pancake."  I corrected, "No, pancakes."  Waitress replies, "One'll do ya."  I had one.  Mostly.

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