[Magdalen] Saint Blaise Day.

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Mon Feb 4 18:01:22 UTC 2019

I visited in 2011 the Church of Saint Blaise in Muhlhausen, Germany.Muhlhausen, an attractive, walled city is in what was East Germany.
 The Church is historically most memorable as being aparish that employed JS Bach as O/C for some years  DuringBach's tenure, the Church had a splendid new pipe organ.
The Feast Day of Saint Blaise in Roman Catholic piety is verypopular, and includes the Blessing of Throats.  In fact thisfeast day eclipses the observance of Candlemas/Purification ,scriptural as those latter feast days are.
Worshippers have a strong desire to keep away from sorethroats, it seems.  Candles from Candelmas are often usedfor the throat blessing.

David Strang.

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