[Magdalen] Saint Blaise Day.

Scott Knitter scottknitter at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 18:24:00 UTC 2019

We had the St. Blase blessing (autocorrected to St Blasé sometimes in the
bulletin) after Masses yesterday. Crossed (unlighted) candles in a handle
and with a red bow.

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> I visited in 2011 the Church of Saint Blaise in Muhlhausen,
> Germany.Muhlhausen, an attractive, walled city is in what was East Germany.
>  The Church is historically most memorable as being aparish that employed
> JS Bach as O/C for some years  DuringBach's tenure, the Church had a
> splendid new pipe organ.
> The Feast Day of Saint Blaise in Roman Catholic piety is verypopular, and
> includes the Blessing of Throats.  In fact thisfeast day eclipses the
> observance of Candlemas/Purification ,scriptural as those latter feast days
> are.
> Worshippers have a strong desire to keep away from sorethroats, it seems.
> Candles from Candelmas are often usedfor the throat blessing.
> David Strang.

Scott R. Knitter
Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois USA

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