[Magdalen] Baptism this morning

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What a lovely story about your goddaughter calling you.

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> Anna Grace, a solemn baby, very far-sighted,
> approximately six months old,
> dressed in a long white dress,
> and wearing a broad white ribbon and bow on her head, very 1920s.
> At some point the rector suggested that
> in Baptism we'd be downloading and installing Holy Spirit 2.0.
> This made the choir laugh.
> Speaking of Baptisms, my goddaughter called this week.
> She reminded me it was the thirty-fifth anniversary of her Baptism,
> and wanted to thank me for being a faithful, attentive godmother.
> I was flabbergasted.
> All I've done is send her a Christmas card every year.
> And pray for her, of course, but how would she know that?
> -M 

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