[Magdalen] Nylon Stocking Sale.

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Sat Oct 19 17:13:12 UTC 2019

The flu vaccine is being heavily advertised/advised in the local mediahere in Pennsylvania USA but the supply of the vaccine seems to havebeen limited.  This is especially true of the "senior" vaccine, probably becausethere is a large aging population here.

I have made arrangements and actually waited in line for a senior flu vaccinationon a couple of occasions, but in one case there was an argument among seniorswaiting in line because there wasn't enough vaccine.  It reminded me of thefracas when ladies' nylon stockings were in short supply during WW-2.My second attempt was also a shortage situation.

This morning I was fourth in line for a senior vaccination and the Rite Aid Pharmacyhad a grand total of 5 doses for today's customers.  I finally made it today after thosethose three earlier tries.

This all seems ridiculous, especially remembering the flu vaccine seasons at thelocal VAMC when they were vaccinating every person in sight.  I think they probablyvaccinated the water fountains, such was the scene.

The flu vaccine season is all over for me for another year.

David Strang.

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