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As I recall, I got the expressions, "for the remembrance' and "for the recalling" out ofreading the classical Dom Gregory Dix's "The Shape of the Liturgy."  I have heard thatvarious theologians have suggested that some  Dix ideas are somewhat dated, the book wouldstill be a good place to start a study of this matter.

David Strang

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Coming from a very catholic tradition myself, I am a strong believer in the Real Presence, and won't argue too much either about transubstantiation. But I can't see that this is what the US wording achieves. 'Remembrance' is still 'remembrance', and the use of different prepositions doesn't really alter the theological meaning, unless I'm missing something. It's just that 'for the remembrance' is grammatically odd. I've wondered about this for some time, but no one has ever really been able to explain it to me.

I'm sure I AM missing something...

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