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Ann Markle ann.markle at aya.yale.edu
Mon Oct 21 02:09:37 UTC 2019

Tee-eee-see. They dropped ECUSA because our church encompasses more than
just dioceses in the US, including Puerto Rico,  Cuba, and several others
(maybe Haiti and the Dominican Republic?). So by not excluding part of the
members of our own church, it seems we've horned in on the Scots. I haven't
actually heard any complaints from them, and it's really nobody else's
business, though I suppose everyone is free to have an opinion; and just
because I haven't heard any Scottish complaints, doesn't mean they haven't
been made. Probably further options should be considered, what the heck.

On Sun, Oct 20, 2019, 9:41 AM Ferdinand von Prondzynski (Emeritus) <
f.von-prondzynski at rgu.ac.uk> wrote:

> And since I've suddenly got very active, here's another quite different
> USA-directed question. When people use the acronym TEC in speech, do you
> sat TEC (like 'teck' or 'tech'), or is it tee-ee-see?
> I must confess I think it is a horrible acronym (or maybe initialism). It
> is also very questionable as a name for the US church: *the* Episcopal
> Church is the Scottish Episcopal Church, out of which the US church was
> born, when Bishop Seabury was consecrated right here where I am, in
> Aberdeen. That indeed was also the birth moment of the Anglican Communion.
> When Bishop Curry came to visit us and preach in St Andrew's Cathedral,
> Aberdeen, two years ago he declared that he had 'come home to Mother'...
> Ferdinand
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