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Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

John Wentworth was a very strange fellow. Grandson of the first colonial
governor IIRC, he seems to have been born with a taste for political
intrigue and a talent for bad management. Eventually he became vice
governor of Nova Scotia. I remember snarling at his plaque in a church

Also, of course, I knew members of his extended family. By the
twentieth-century they'd devolved into quiet rural poverty and backwoods

I love history.

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> What town is this?
> Allan Carr
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> >
> > I've told this story before. At the time of the Revolutionary War, our
> > vicar and our (colonial) governor packed up some of the parish silver,
> > jumped on a packet, and sailed to Halifax.
> >
> > In time, the governor's home became the old age home and we children went
> > caroling there every Christmas. We were always invited to thrust our tiny
> > fingers into the holes in the wall made as the Patriots fired at the
> King's
> > men.
> >
> > We were without a vicar until after the war, when Queen's Chapel was
> > renamed St. John's. The  current building was dedicated twenty years
> later
> > (around 1811).
> > -M

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