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Gov. Wentworth was also very important in the history of Vermont. He 
thought it would be a great idea to establish towns on the other side of 
the Connecticut, enriching himself, of course, from the sale of land 
there. No matter that it wasn't part of New Hampshire. Ethan and Ira 
Allen bought many of these grants, later reselling them at great profit 
to themselves. These "New Hampshire Grants" (now Vermont) were awarded 
to New York just before the Revolution, causing Ethan Allen to form the 
Green Mountain boys to preserve their somewhat ill-gotten gains. This 
led to the formation of the independent Republic of Vermont during the 
Revolution, which lasted until Vermont became a state in 1791.

On a personal note, one of Gov. Wentworth's policies was to set apart 
glebe land for the benefit of the clergy of future Anglican churches (of 
which none were ever established, AFAIK). Our property just happens to 
be part of the Woodbury glebe land, so, when Lee became the priest at 
the local Episcopal parish (in neighboring Hardwick - Woodbury never had 
an Episcopal church), we fancifully though we just might get a rebate on 
our property taxes. However, since the rebate would have amounted to 
only $4 or so, it didn't seem worth pursuing.

Chad Wohlers
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On 22.10.2019 09:41, ME Michaud wrote:
> Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
> John Wentworth was a very strange fellow. Grandson of the first 
> colonial
> governor IIRC, he seems to have been born with a taste for political
> intrigue and a talent for bad management. Eventually he became vice
> governor of Nova Scotia. I remember snarling at his plaque in a church
> there.
> Also, of course, I knew members of his extended family. By the
> twentieth-century they'd devolved into quiet rural poverty and 
> backwoods
> ignorance.
> I love history.
> -M
> On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 1:27 AM Allan Carr via Magdalen <
> magdalen at herberthouse.org> wrote:
>> What town is this?
>> Allan Carr
>> > On Oct 21, 2019, at 7:42 PM, ME Michaud <michaudme at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >
>> > I've told this story before. At the time of the Revolutionary War, our
>> > vicar and our (colonial) governor packed up some of the parish silver,
>> > jumped on a packet, and sailed to Halifax.
>> >
>> > In time, the governor's home became the old age home and we children went
>> > caroling there every Christmas. We were always invited to thrust our tiny
>> > fingers into the holes in the wall made as the Patriots fired at the
>> King's
>> > men.
>> >
>> > We were without a vicar until after the war, when Queen's Chapel was
>> > renamed St. John's. The  current building was dedicated twenty years
>> later
>> > (around 1811).
>> > -M

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