[Magdalen] TEC talk

ME Michaud michaudme at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 21:40:55 UTC 2019

Oh, the poor Abenaki, pushed north in those terrible times.
The few who'd survived the smallpox and measles epidemics, I mean.
Oh, the casual genocide. Wentworth ... feh.

On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, Charles Wohlers <chadwohl at satucket.com> wrote:

> Gov. Wentworth was also very important in the history of Vermont. He
> thought it would be a great idea to establish towns on the other side of
> the Connecticut, enriching himself, of course, from the sale of land there.
> No matter that it wasn't part of New Hampshire. Ethan and Ira Allen bought
> many of these grants, later reselling them at great profit to themselves.
> These "New Hampshire Grants" (now Vermont) were awarded to New York just
> before the Revolution, causing Ethan Allen to form the Green Mountain boys
> to preserve their somewhat ill-gotten gains. This led to the formation of
> the independent Republic of Vermont during the Revolution, which lasted
> until Vermont became a state in 1791.

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