[Magdalen] For Dan Brittain and anyone else interested: Article on a Sacred Harp group in Chicago

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> On 22/10/2019 20:30, P. Dan Brittain wrote:
> > Thursday, I leave to do a Sacred Harp singing school in Sitka, AK. Not
> > looking forward to the flights (4 of them to get there). Once there, it
> > should be great fun.
> Four flights is not good news. I hope all run to schedule and that you
> don't have too far to walk between arrival and departure gates. I prefer
> direct flights if possible but that's relatively easy for me close to
> London, UK as I have a choice of airports to fly from.

We don't live close to an hub airport. So it's Springfield, MO to Dallas,
Dallas to Seattle, Seattle to Juneau, and Juneau to Sitka.

Layover times don't look too bad.


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