[Magdalen] Updates... thanks for the prayers...

Sheila Ketler debbiedimond52 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 19:50:35 UTC 2019

Everyone ::
Thank you to all who offered prayers and good wishes on my behalf. The prep
for the procedure was truly awful... I felt distinctly unwell after that
went on.
Had to wait a bit at the hospital my surgeon was doing other procedures
that day and had gotten behind (no pun intended with this I was having a
colostomy my friend thought it was hilarious when I said he had gotten
I was awake as they sedated me no anaesthetic was available the guy doing
it had to go one floor up to the operating room with an emergency. Whatever
they gave me did the job I was able to be awake for most of it fell asleep
at the end of it... He said everything looks really good and he can go
ahead and book me in for a reversal procedure... This will mean another
hospital stay another big incision another 3 hour surgery but it will be
well worth it...

I am relieved that he didn't find anything now I just have to get through
this end bit and prepare myself for another surgery..


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