[Magdalen] 1. Safe? (Ann Markle) Re: Magdalen Digest, Vol 72, Issue 1

Sharon Moon sharonbmoon at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 12:42:19 UTC 2020

It was great to hear from each of you!

I am glad for your safety and heath reports.

I am well.  Have had some health issues mitigated recently by access to my
son’s backyard pool.  I am swimming there now about seven hours a week over
4-5 visits.  He lives only two mikes away in our mutual town.

I am enjoying virtual services at two local parishes and on Sundays at the

The funeral and remembrance of John Lewis has raised the spiritual “bar” of
community awareness and national participation to offset the hate coming
out of Trumpsters over BLM.

On edge about so many Covid issues, especially now learning about the
children who can be  unwittingly carriers.

Thanks, Ann, for raising the question.

Sharon Moon

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