[Magdalen] heart catherization

Ginga Wilder gingawilder at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 15:28:01 UTC 2020

I am 73 y.o. now.  Getting older comes with many new experiences...like, I
will have a heart catheterization next Thursday (8-20).  I've had
cardiovascular issues since I was 20.  My internist has been brilliant in
his care of me.  I've also seen a cardiologist regularly for ten years.  I
had a routine check in with the cardiologist two weeks ago during which I
reported one recent episode of noticeable shortness of breath.  She sent me
for a repeat coronary artery calcium scan...the first one was years ago and
was moderately 'off,' but not bad enough for intervention. This current
scan shows some 'severe' calcium build up in two of the heart arteries.
So, I will have a heart cath and, if needed, stenting.  I'm trusting all
will go well whatever needs doing.

Frankly, I am more concerned for John during the procedure, as he will not
be able to enter the hospital at all.  I know he would prefer to be able to
be there with his ears and eyes on what is going on.  My post procedure
time will be extended as I will have to have a sandbag on the place where
the catheter is placed for some time. He's going to be very warm in the car
for that length of time.  We're both very glad to hear that I will come
home the same day....they are not keeping people overnight unless something
goes awry...and I'm not counting on that.

Blood work today - check; Covid test tomorrow, cancel other engagements and
appointments, and wait.  I appreciate your prayers.

All shall be well, so sez Sr. Julian.  She's been right so far!

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