[Magdalen] RIP The Last Goose

Jay Weigel jay.weigel at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 15:42:51 UTC 2020

On  Tuesday, August 11, 2020, Buce Bollerud took his last breath. This put
paid to a portion of my life that I look back on fondly, the time I  spent
at the place I call  "Glen & Ann's (of blessed memory)".

Bruce was the youngest member of a group called The Goose Island Ramblers
that played at the bar three times a week. Their music was a blend of
country, traditional, some Norwegian folk melodies, a parody or two
(self-written), some Yogi Yorgesson songs and some non-classifiable things.
He was an excellent musician who played the accordion, trombone, and piano,
among other things. In the trio, he played "dumb Norwegian" to Smokey
George's comedian and "Uncle Windy's" straight man, but there was nothing
dumb about Bruce whatsoever. He was a very canny guy who could read people
extremely well. He was also very kind. The thing I didn't know about him
was that he had a bachelor's in special ed and a Master's in counseling and
guidance. You never know what people do for their day jobs. After The
Ramblers broke up, he formed his own group, the Good Time Band; Bruce
couldn't go long without playing music. In recent years, Bruce spent a lot
of time compiling all the music the Goose Island Ramblers did. They're
legendary in Madison. He (and they!) will be much missed by many. Farewell,
"Loose Bruce the Goose, the Hollandale Wildcat", and skål to you!

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