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Mon Jan 6 15:25:56 UTC 2020

The three USA main divisions of Methodism joined together in 1939
to form the Methodist Church (USA).  They had split into the threegroups secondary to the slavery issue and the role of the laity, duringthe 19th century.

My Aunt Lulu, a sort of "professional Methodist," was a delegate to theUniting Conference , and regarded the public signing of the articles of unionby a Methodist bishop from each uniting group as one of the formative eventsof her life.  I still have her special Conference Methodist Hymnal embossedwith her name as a delegate, in my library.

Aunt Lulu would be unhappy that the Methodist denomination (USA) is beingrent asunder by the divisive issue of marriage and ordination of GLBT persons.The split is heavily geographic with the North USA being liberal and pro
inclusion of GLBT marriages and ordinations, and the South USA
conservative on those issues.

I don't know any conservative Methodists, and those I do know are really quiteopen to complete acceptance of GLBT persons, so this division surprisesme.

I have the feeling that the USA Methodists are setting themselves up for yet
another "Uniting Conference" (maybe in 2039?)

David Strang.

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