[Magdalen] Siri is listening

ME Michaud michaudme at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 22:56:53 UTC 2020

Maybe a month ago the gf and I were chatting in the car. She was
complaining about a colleague, who was making her crazy. "Sweetie," I said,
"it sounds as if he's having an anxiety attack. Remember: anxiety looks
very different in men."

When I got home and hopped online, I was nonplussed to see, prominently
displayed, an ad for treating anxiety in men.

Dismissed this as a weird coincidence.

Last Sunday I was chatting with a friend who's facing both health and
automotive challenges. I was telling him how many of our neighbors use
grocery delivery services, especially Peapod. We talked about this for
maybe four or five minutes. After we hung up, I hopped online and right
away got SIX ads for grocery delivery.

So now, the gf keeps looking at my phone and shouting "Free Bermuda
Ob Ang, nope.

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