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Tulip poplar is the Indiana state tree, and we had a (relatively) young one
growing in our yard when I was growing up. Read Hidden Life of Trees last
fall and loved it; also loved the author's obvious love for “his” trees!
Maybe it’s an age thing, but I feel more and more connected to everything
alive, and my sense of “alive” keeps expanding, too.

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> Tulip trees and American Sycamores are tied for the largest North American
> angiosperm trees.
> Tulips are in the magnolia family, and if you watch carefully in the
> spring at the highbranches there are attractive yellow magnolia type
> flowers.  I am very partial totulip trees because they are somewat exotic
> for me.  They do not grow in the UpperMidwest, being supplanted, probably,
> by the American Linden which reaches itsbest development in Eastern
> Minnesota and Western Wisconsin  likely becausethere are no tulip trees
> competing in those areas.
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> There are some put at James Madison’s Montpelier that are absolutely
> enormou

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