[Magdalen] Note from Susan H.

Grace Cangialosi gracecan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 21:17:53 UTC 2020

Susan is having trouble accessing Magdalen right now and asked me to forward these questions to the computer whizzes among you.
If you just reply in the regular way, I’ll forward your responses to her home email address.
Thanks, Grace

Susan’s message:

My home computer may have melted down.  As of last night it wouldn't load Windows.  The guys here say that sounds like the CPU may be end of life.  If you need me and don't get a response by mail call me or text me at 540-209-1153.
Work email is susan.hagen at dbhds.virginia.gov.
I'm probably going to have to buy a new computer but can't imagine I'll have time until the weekend at least.  Suggestions are welcome.  I mostly use a browser, MS Word and Excel.  I don't play games and have the IPAD Karen so generously gave me to watch videos and surf.

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