[Magdalen] A brighter note?

cady soukup cadyasoukup at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 18:43:01 UTC 2021

At Trinity episcopal church in “little” Washington, VA today we gathered
for communion (one kind) at the altar rail, in person, unmasked, for the
first time since Lent 2020!

Our own list sibling Georgia DuBose was the celebrant. She preached an
on-point sermon about (among other things) how following the example of our
Lord, and responding to the call of the Holy Spirit is not easy, and has
never been easy.

We were all out of practice, so the service was a community effort to
recall the rhythms, sounds, and cadence of worship, as we each reminded
ourselves and each other how we do this amazing event we call a worship
service in person. It was streamed for our parishioners who are, even now,
unable to get to a service, so all the fits and starts are recorded for
those active participants who might not yet be embarrassed.

Nevertheless, we gathered, we worshipped, we sang, we communed, we praised,
we had a coffee hour, we rejoiced!

Thanks be to God!

one grand round of virtual, non-invasive hugs all around for those who wish
to partake!

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