[Magdalen] SC Supreme Court has ruled on church property

Roger Stokes roger.stokes65 at btinternet.com
Wed Apr 20 17:45:08 UTC 2022


Am I dreaming it or did you once observe that the sheer size of St 
Paul's buildings could be a\ money-pit that swallows the church's energy 
rather than the people being able to preach the Gospel in word and action?


On 20/04/2022 18:03, Ginga Wilder wrote:
> I don't know who is still hanging out in this pub, but I do remember in
> years gone by, some have been quite interested in the litigation re:
> Episcopal Church property in the Diocese of SC.
> There is plainly too much to regurgitate here.  This is a split decision.
>     - St. Paul's, Summerville, my home parish, is one of 15 parishes that
>     the court has given to the breakaway diocese.  (I have not read these
>     details yet.)
>     - Another 14 churches are returned to The Episcopal Church.
>     - St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center is returned to The
>     Episcopal Church.
>     - Ancient documents and designations, i.e. the diocesan shield, records,
>     emblems, etc. are returned to The Episcopal Diocese.
> You may read the decision here:
> https://www.sccourts.org/opinions/HTMLFiles/SC/28095.pdf
> Historian Ron Caldwell  has blogged since the earliest days of the schism.
> You may read his blog here.
> http://episcopalschismsc.blogspot.com/
> Ginga

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