[Magdalen] SC Supreme Court has ruled on church property

Ginga Wilder gingawilder at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 18:18:33 UTC 2022

Hello, Roger.  Great to know you're still in the pub.

Yes, of course, the St. Paul's property is way more that Good Shepherd
needs.  Our go to thought about the possibility of getting the property was
that we could rent it out to community organizations.  And, we also knew
that we would probably not be awarded the property.  All is well with that.

Good Shepherd's lease will end in 15 months, so a committee was appointed
in March to look for a larger space to upfit as a church and rent.  I.  On
Easter Sunday, with 2 services, Good Shepherd attendance was 122.  That is
truly wonderful...it would seem we are fast recovering our pandemic losses
and are also beginning a new growth spurt.  We have fared well in rented
space, so we are not too chagrined about renting again.

Beyond worship, our several outreach ministries are the center of our
parish life...that, and Christian Formation for all ages.  We are delighted
not to be burdened by property ownership.


On Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 1:45 PM Roger Stokes via Magdalen <
magdalen at herberthouse.org> wrote:

> Ginga,
> Am I dreaming it or did you once observe that the sheer size of St
> Paul's buildings could be a\ money-pit that swallows the church's energy
> rather than the people being able to preach the Gospel in word and action?
> Roger
> On 20/04/2022 18:03, Ginga Wilder wrote:
> > I don't know who is still hanging out in this pub, but I do remember in
> > years gone by, some have been quite interested in the litigation re:
> > Episcopal Church property in the Diocese of SC.
> >
> > There is plainly too much to regurgitate here.  This is a split decision.
> >
> >     - St. Paul's, Summerville, my home parish, is one of 15 parishes that
> >     the court has given to the breakaway diocese.  (I have not read these
> >     details yet.)
> >     - Another 14 churches are returned to The Episcopal Church.
> >     - St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center is returned to The
> >     Episcopal Church.
> >     - Ancient documents and designations, i.e. the diocesan shield,
> records,
> >     emblems, etc. are returned to The Episcopal Diocese.
> >
> > You may read the decision here:
> > https://www.sccourts.org/opinions/HTMLFiles/SC/28095.pdf
> >
> > Historian Ron Caldwell  has blogged since the earliest days of the
> schism.
> > You may read his blog here.
> > http://episcopalschismsc.blogspot.com/
> >
> > Ginga

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