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I remember so clearly someone preaching that re-membering is the putting back together of the members, bodies/body parts making a whole,  of those who knew Jesus and gathered together , and ultimately along with the new believers incorporated now with those who actually knew Jesus, and so on, and so on until this very day and as long as it is done. 

The word remembering has never been the same for me since then, in many contexts

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Very interesting question, Ferdinand. The only bit of commentary I've been
able to find about this is:

'The rendering of “Do this for the remembrance of me” is preferred in order
to avoid the subjective idea of a mere souvenir.'

--Baptism and Eucharist. Ecumenical Convergence in Celebration, ed. Max
Thurian and Geoffrey Wainwright, WCC

Perhaps "in remembrance" has been overused in US English, or more lightly
used for things like "I keep that old ash-tray in remembrance of Dad," a
momentary calling to mind.

And we tend to have a strong-willed theologian or two on any liturgical
commission who wins everyone over to a particular idea. I've heard sermons
asking us to think of "remembrance" as "re-membering" - not a repeat of the
one Sacrifice but a renewal of our membership in Christ, our being the Body
of Christ. And the purpose of our doing Eucharist is ("for") that
re-member-ance, not simply a calling to mind (which perhaps "in
remembrance" has come to mean in US English as opposed to UK? Maybe an
eyeroll or two, and I may be remem...er, recalling this heretically somehow.

> On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 6:33 PM Marion Thompson <marionwhitevale at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> I hear you, Ferdinand.
> Marion, a pilgrim
> On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 7:06 PM Ferdinand von Prondzynski (Emeritus) <
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>> Coming from a very catholic tradition myself, I am a strong believer in
>> the Real Presence, and won't argue too much either about
>> transubstantiation. But I can't see that this is what the US wording
>> achieves. 'Remembrance' is still 'remembrance', and the use of different
>> prepositions doesn't really alter the theological meaning, unless I'm
>> missing something. It's just that 'for the remembrance' is grammatically
>> odd. I've wondered about this for some time, but no one has ever really
>> been able to explain it to me.
>> I'm sure I AM missing something...
>> Ferdinand
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>> I hold to its meaning the actual presence of Christ, but I am sure many
> of
>> my fellow congregants are much more in line with the protestant memorial,
>> given their regular grumbling about things being too kaaathlick.
>> Marion, a pilgrim  up here in Canada
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>>> I've been told this is another way of saying, "for the recalling of
> Me."
>>> The remembrancewords can leave the impression that the Eucharist is
> just
>> a
>>> memorial service, when infact much of the church (and apparently
>> officially
>>> TEC) adheres to the actual presenceof Christ in the Eucharist., i.e.,
> the
>>> making present of Me.
>>> David Strang.
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>>> Can anyone tell me?
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